The AdMonsters Daily Digest – Monday 30 July 2012

The AdMonsters Daily Digest - Monday 30 July

Welcome to the AdMonsters Daily Digest! We scour the news for digital advertising and operations news every day so you don’t have to – we’re nice like that. 

We’ll be updating this page throughout the day but have a peruse of all the news you can use (that’s right – I did it) below. Happy reading!

AutoHop’s Commercial Hopping Ain’t So Auto Anymore

Seems Dish has made a significant modification to its AutoHop service, which was programmed to record primetime major network TV (i.e., CBS, FOX, NBC and ABC) and then scrub out the commercials. Variety reports that The default setting for commercial wiping has been switched from on to off, kind of negating the name “AutoHop.” Still, is this move enough to fend off the fury of lawsuits the networks have hurled at the company? PaidContent examines the legal defense. Dish’s Warren Schlichting touched on these issues during his keynote at OPS TV earlier this month.

As Seen on Mobile?

So much for “consumer effeciency” – new research from Nielsen shows that 22% of US smartphone users have made an online purchase after seeing a mobile ad. It’s just that they hopped over to their desktop to do it. That 22% figure was more than four times the percentage that made a but right on their mobile devices. So what’s the deal? Are consumers wary about security? Have consumers become so used to buying stuff online from the desktop that they can’t shake the habit? Or are marketers not making the ease of mobile purchase clear enough? eMarketer has further analysis.

Protect That Brand!

Pumping up the security on its intellectual property services, Thomson Reuters acquired brand protection service MarkMonitor. MediaPost has the story.

Paywalls for McClatchy

US Newspaper giant decides to wall away it’s content as the latest Publisher to opt for the paywall. Read more on the free-to-read Guardian. 

RTB Going From Strength to Strength

Exponential unprecedented growth in the world-wide RTB market reports Accordant Media. Overall inventory traded through RTB grew a staggering 128% in Q2 2012 with the US representing 47% of the market. Get the full story on PR Newswire. 


Ah acronyms are fun aren’t they? iMedia Connection takes an in-depth look in the implications of Facebook joining the Real Time Bidding phenomenon and it’s implication for marketers. Read it here. 

5 Steps to Measuring Mobile/Tablet Success

Where does tablet/mobile advertising fit in the marketing mix and what are the metrics to look our for? iMedia Connection has the answer. 

Under the Hood of RTB

Digital Boom takes an in-depth look at RTB, analyzing the industry, breaking down it’s successes – but is it the future just for Display, or the digital marketing industry as a whole? Read it here.