5 Questions for Ed Montes of Havas Digital

Edward Montes will be presenting a keynote address When will Online Advertising Evolve? at OPS US in New York on September 30, 2010. In advance of the event we talked him a few questions about the evolution of online advertising.

Q: Please tell us a bit about what you are doing in your current role with Havas Digital.

A: As North American Managing Director I run all of Havas Digital’s North American operations which includes Media Contacts, Mobext, AIS, Artemis, Adnetik and Innova.

Q: I’m sure you will elaborate in your presentation but can you briefly talk about how you think the industry has “failed to evolve?”

A: Sure, I will dive into this deeper during my keynote but my general feeling is that the industry has missed on attribution.  I think we have distorted what matters to marketers and brands. We have operated with blinders on as to what constitutes targeting and audience delivery.  We impress ourselves but leave marketers disenchanted with what digital marketing delivers.

Q: In your mind what are some of the most important innovations that have impacted the industry this past year?

A: I’ll admit I am a bit biased, but to me the most important change has been the rise of the exchanges and impression based buying. Not only for the technological innovation its brought but by the focus this change has brought to bread and butter issues like delivery, verification, page quality, targeting, etc…

Q: How do you feel these changes have impacted operations?

A:  I think that operations will become the center point of every digital media/marketing execution in the future.  The operational precision required in campaign set up, pixel distribution, and data collection will outweigh most other function and potentially rival the role of creative.

Q: How do you feel data fits into evolving the industry?

A: Data’s role is still evolving, as is its valuation.  Data will continue to “major” in targeting and inventory valuation.  Questions that need to be answered like the cost/value of data, the uniqueness of data etc…

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