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AdMonsters July 11, 2024   SCOTUS Overturned the Chevron Deference Precedent…What Does It Mean for Advertising? No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, it's hard not to watch the Supreme Court since it established its conservative majority. Now, the dominoes just keep on falling. With the 1984 Chevron…

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AdMonsters July 4, 2024   Seen and Heard at Cannes Lions 2024  At Cannes Lions 2024, the conversations were as lively and diverse as the French Riviera itself. Amid the glitz and glamour, we sat down with several leading digital media and advertising figures to get their take on the…

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Misinformation is a Drag and a Threat to Digital Media

As much as we hate to admit, misinformation is a plague online. Any social media blogger or user can post a screenshot or salacious news without a fact check, and audiences will run with it. Now, with AI deep fakes becoming even more convincing, this problem is bound to get…

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