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The Unintended Consequences of a TikTok Ban

If you live in DC, you may have noticed a new breed of lobbyists in town: the TikTok influencer. Politico reported that these folks planned to “flood” the city this week with its presence in an effort to stave off the U.S. government’s attempt to ban the app, unless ByteDance…

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AdMonsters March 17, 2023   Consent Is the New Currency: A Conversation with OneTrust’s Ashlea Cartee Consent is the currency that will lead publishers to once again build trusted relationships with their audiences to offer them personalized experiences, and at the same time increase the value of those audiences to…

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Thriving on the New Internet

These privacy concerns — AI innovation, the impending cookiepocolypse, Big Tech vs. DOJ, revolving ad spend slowdowns — all promise to shake things up further. And along with the new internet will come a new advertising ecosystem. Are publishers equipped to handle what’s coming next? The short answer is no,…

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AdMonsters March 9, 2023   The Power of Perspective: PubForum Keynote Janelle Faulk talks Career Development, Diversity, & the Future of Data Ahead of her keynote speech at AdMonsters' upcoming Publisher Forum in Miami, Fl., Faulk spoke with us about her career trajectory, valuable lessons she has learned over the years, and…

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AdMonsters March 2, 2023   What Are IAB Tech Lab’s Data Clean Room Guidance and Interoperability Specifications? A Data Clean Room is not just another ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) machine. And it needs to have specific capabilities that qualify a product or service as a Data Clean Room. The…

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What Are the 3 S’s of Programmatic Podcast Advertising?

Programmatic podcast advertising is gaining market share, and more and more publishers are interested in integrating it within their monetization strategy, dramatically increasing revenue generation.  Old-school hosting platforms cannot trade programmatically, but now these efficiency features are available on the platforms that seriously invested in ad tech from the early…

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AdMonsters February 23, 2023   What’s Hot in Publishing and Ad Tech: An AdMonster’s Q&A with Scott Messer The digital advertising business moves at such a fast clip that it’s difficult for anyone to keep up with emerging trends.  For this reason, AdMonsters sits down with thought leaders within the…

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