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Audience Efficiency: Why Overlap Matters

Now we’ve explained the possibilities of "audience efficiency" to drive the highest lift for any target reach (read parts 1, 2 and 3), we ought to explain its limitations. They are borne out of the methodology that has to be used to identify the anonymous interests and intentions shared by…

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AdMonsters SE Asia Exclusive: Q&A With Chris Leving, Adconion

Chris Levings, Operations Director for Adconion Direct, can see the future – or at least the future of ad networks. Before his presentation at AdMonsters SE Asia, we questioned him on what value networks add.Define an ad network that adds ‘value’?An ad network that adds value brings something unique to…

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OPS NY: So Many Macro Moves, So Little Time

Following Chairman Rupert Murdoch’s hints early in the week of a possible separation, News Corp. announced on June 28 it’s splitting its massive media operation into two parts. One entity will house the newspaper and book publishing business while the other is home to the entertainment side (which includes the…

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AdMonsters Industry Roundup: Casale Media, VideoHub, Adaptly & More

In this week's AdMonsters Industry Roundup, we bring you the latest news from Casale Media, VideoHub, Visual IQ & more, with industry insights from David Berkowitz of 360i and Nikhil Sethi of Adaptly. Check it out below!  VideoHub Provides Awesome Digital Video InsightsVideoHub, an end-to-end analytics and monetization platform built exclusively…

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Programmatic Premium Accelerates Engagement for Ford

One of the highlights of AdMonsters' OPS Markets event in New York was a panel dedicated to the future of programmatic selling, featuring representatives from isocket, Maxifier, Varick Media Management and WebMD. The consensus seemed to be that programmatic buying has but one place to go next: premium territory.But it…

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You Have To See This!

Go in-depth and learn from those in the know when it comes to new metrics and Viewable Impressions at this year’s only European AdMonsters Publisher Forum. As the digital marketing industry continues to grow the discussion around the metrics we use and deliver to clients have come under the microscope…

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