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AdMonsters November 25, 2023   2024 Election Season Dilemma: How to Balance Political Ads and Publisher Integrity This January 15, people across Iowa will gather to caucus, officially kicking off the 2024 election cycle. Political campaigns and PACs are expected to pour $10 billion into political ads in an attempt…

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AdMonsters Playbook: Navigating Political Ads for the 2024 Season

A staggering $10 billion will pour into the political advertising arena with the goal of swaying American voters during the 2024 Election cycle. While $10 billion is a boon for digital media stakeholders, that money comes with severe risks. Publishers must undertake the critical task of determining whether specific advertisers…

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AdMonsters November 16, 2023   Industry Experts Weigh In On the MFA Scourge and Black Publishers' Concerns After we published our article about Black-owned publishers’ concerns about being designated MFA sites, we spoke to some industry experts to understand how they define them, how to distinguish a bad site from…

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