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Deeper Into Programmatic: Where We Are With S2S, Programmatic Guaranteed

Last week, when we saw the eMarketer report that programmatic CPMs rose in 2017 and were projected to continue rising through 2018, it looked like a sign that the programmatic market had leveled up a step. Programmatic is like that—“success in ...

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The Dawn of Real-Time Guaranteed: An Interview With OpenX’s Dmitri Kazanski

Possibly the biggest reason header bidding is such a game-changer is because it gives demand sources insight into more—if not all—of a publisher’s inventory. This enables buyers to better evaluate inventory and bid more acutely in real-time ...

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Leash the Beast: Automating Programmatic Reporting

While it once seemed the domain of the demand side, publishers are increasingly feeling more empowered when it comes to programmatic channels – in their wallets as well as their minds. Recent evolutions in programmatic have improved publisher relationships with demand ...

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Programmatic Is Made of People: Sonobi’s Michael Connolly Explains Digital’s People-Based Evolution

One of the key mantras of digital media has long been “the right ad to the right person at the right time.” Frequently promised, it’s debatable how well that goal has been delivered upon. Data is essential in transacting ...

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