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Google Responds to the IAB Tech Lab’s Scathing Privacy Sandbox Report: “It’s Full of Inaccuracies”

Last week, the IAB Tech Lab released a comprehensive report detailing the challenges of Google's Privacy Sandbox. In response, Google thanked the IAB Tech Lab for showcasing their perspective but asserted that their "analysis contains many misunderstandings and inaccuracies, which we consider important to correct in order to provide accurate information…

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Digital Advertising Needs a New Class of Cookies

The IAB Tech Lab issued a report expressing significant concerns about Google's Privacy Sandbox. To some in the industry, such as Uri Lichter, CEO at Intango, the problem is that the notion of third-party cookies is too broad. The industry needs to come together to develop a new class of cookies that help…

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90% of U.S. Publishers Are Dropping the Ball on Data Compliance

As privacy ethics continue to take center stage, data compliance is crucial for every ad tech stakeholder to monitor risk and maintain brand integrity. Data compliance is a legal necessity for publishers, so they must remain current on measuring compliance practices. The 'U.S. Publisher Compliance Index - 2023 Report' utilizes…

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AdMonsters December 29, 2023   Big Tech, Walled Gardens, and Regulatory Battles in 2024 In the next few years, Google, Meta, and Amazon will continue attracting the lion’s share of ad spend, accounting for 83% of global digital advertising revenue. Regulators across the globe are trying to stop their dominance, but…

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AdMonsters December 21, 2023   Google's Privacy Sandbox: A Solution, or A Shiny Object? The UK's MOW Weighs In MOW doesn't see itself as a general services company. The organization was the original body that complained to the CMA, leading to the commitments that delayed the rollout of the Privacy Sandbox.…

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