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December 07, 2011

Metropolitan Pavilion

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Build the mobile future!

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OPS Mobile – Build the Mobile future

Mobile is not an extension of the web. It’s a redefinition.

OPS Mobile will show you how advertising will never be the same.

The landscape for online advertising is no longer just the ‘terrestrial’ or PC-based internet – it now includes a much broader and more complex world including smartphones, tablets, networked game consoles, connected TV’s, and all sorts of other connected devices, many of which are not plugged in and tied down but carried around in pockets and used throughout the day.


As Mary Meeker put it at Web 2.0 Summit 2010, the mobile internet is “ramping faster than any other new new thing”, and smartphone sales are projected exceed PC sales by 2012. This explosion of internet devices is exciting – but it also means that delivering and making a profit from online advertising is getting far more complicated. Delivery and targeting, not to mention media types and device capabilities vary widely across devices, and each platform, carrier, and marketplace presents its own challenges and opportunities for ops.


OPS Mobile will bring digital advertising leaders and ops professionals together to discuss and develop best practices for operational excellence in a world of connected devices. If your business is built around mobile media, you cannot afford to miss OPS Mobile.


Who attends OPS Mobile

OPS Mobile is an open door event. The event is not exclusive to ad operations professionals but is open to everyone in the industry who understands the importance of operations to the success of mobile advertising. The agenda for OPS Mobile will focus on the exchange of ideas, experiences, best practices, emerging trends in the field and expert-led sessions covering an array of topics specific to ad operations and technology for the mobile internet. Typical attendees are senior managers, directors, vice-presidents and professionals who have over five years experience in the industry.


What to expect at OPS Mobile

Participants in this one-day conference will share best practices from across the industry. The agenda will be comprised of carefully curated sessions covering specific operational challenges and opportunities, led by operations leaders working at the forefront of the field.


Conference session topics will include:

  • Meet the Players in Mobile Ad Technology
  • Platforms + Devices + Gateways + App Stores = Complexity!
  • Mobile Video - Exciting, but is it For Real?
  • Ad Metrics and Analytics in a Mobile World
  • Targeting users on Mobile Devices - What’s New & Different?
  • Geo-enabled Local/Real-Time Advertising
  • Inventory Management and Optimization for Mobile Advertising
  • Third Party Ad Serving on Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Ad Networks and Exchanges

News & Updates

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Leaders and pioneers in the mobile space fill the agenda, including:



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Keynote Speakers

Paul Gelb

Harnessing the Power of Mobile-specific Metrics


Paul Gelb
VP, Mobile Practice Lead, Razorfish



Unlocking the Mobile Space through Play

Jonny Shaw
Master Chieftan, Naked Play @jonnyrockunit

Focus On... Sessions


Optimizing and Amplifying Rich Media


Anne Frisbie
VP & Managing Director, InMobi



How to Build and Monetize a Great App


Brandon Lucas,
VP & GM of Mobile, BET


How to get Meaningful Branding Metrics on Mobile


Jennifer Okula
VP, Data Innovation, Safecount




Building your Revenue Generating Cross-Media Mobile Strategy 


Matthew Snyder 
CEO and Founder,


Approach to Mobile Video Fragmentation  


James Gaffar
Product Developer, Ad Solutions Mobile/ Emerging Media, @NBCUniversal

Forcing Mobile to Deliver ROI in Real Time  


Howie Schwartz
Co-Founder & Lead Investor, @OfferMobi



Taking Mobile Video Beyond the Pre-Roll  


Lori LeBas
SVP Bus Operations, Sales and Marketing, ESPN




David Adams
SVP Operations, VEVO


Advertising with Angry Birds  


Jarkko Rajamäki
VP Ad Operations, Rovio


Sponsor Sessions

Monetizing Mobile with Advertising Today

Sandrine Cardi
International Mobile Business Development Manager, Smart AdServer


Romain Job
Business Development Manager Germany & Central and Eastern Europe, Smart AdServer


Making the Operations Match the Strategy with DFP Mobile


Chris LaSala
Director, Mobile Partnerships, Google


Marcel Gordon
Product Manager, DFP Mobile, Google



Medialets on Mobile

Eric Litman
Chairman & CEO of Medialets




Mobile Video: The Evolution of Television

Benjamin Dorr
VP of Corporate & Business Development, @RhythmNewMedia

The Secrets of Mobile's Most Profitable Publishers


Dave Gwozdz 
CEO, Mocean Mobile



Devices and Platforms: The Latest Metrics

JoAnna Abel
VP, Marketing,



Apps vs. Mobile Web: How the App Unlocks New Revenue Possibilities 

Jim Payne
CEO & Founder of MoPub



RTB Takes Center Stage

Victor Milligan
Chief Marketing Officer, Nexage


Introduction to the Mega Trends in Mobile

Marc Theerman
VP Mobile, AdMeld


OPS Mobile Wrap-Up Panel: Location, Location, Location!



Rob Beeler
VP, AdMonsters





Brett Martin
Co-Founder & CEO, Sonar





Nihal Mehta
Co-Founder & CEO of LocalResponse





Dave Courtney
CEO, JiWire




Saket Saurabh
Co-Founder of Mobsmith



Please get in touch via content@admonsters.com for details about speaking at this event.  Regular updates will follow.

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