Sunday – November 5, 2023

    5:30pm – 6:00pm 30 mins
  • New Monsters Survival Guide

    5:30pm – 6:00pm

    Are you a Publisher Forum rookie? Do you have any idea what you've gotten yourself into? You're about to have three very intense days! Come down and get the prep you need to conquer the conference... And meet some fellow greenhorns.

  • 6:00pm – 7:00pm 1 Hr
  • Publishers Welcome! A Workgroup Networking Reception

    6:00pm – 7:00pm

    Meet your fellow attendees in this fun and friendly session that sets the stage for the next 3 days! Participants will grab drinks, and then be broken up into groups and asked to complete a (fun, we swear!) activity that will inform the agenda and discussion over the coming days.

  • 7:00pm – 9:00pm 2 Hrs
  • Publisher Forum Welcome Dinner

    7:00pm – 9:00pm

    We kick off Publisher Forum with a party! All attendees come together to eat, drink, and get to know each other underneath the palm trees! 

Monday – November 6, 2023

    8:00am – 9:00am 1 Hr
  • Breakfast

    8:00am – 9:00am

    Best get a big helping of this scrumptious breakfast because you've got a long day ahead!

  • 9:00am – 9:15am 15 mins
  • Welcome to Publisher Forum

    9:00am – 9:15am

    A big welcome from AdMonsters Publisher Bill Amstutz and Content Director Lynne d Johnson, who will share the house rules, introduce the AdMonsters team, and provide an overview of the next few days.

  • 9:15am – 9:50am 35 mins
  • Keynote: One Publisher, One Brand: United By First-Party Data

    9:15am – 9:50am

    Long before the threat of the cookiepocalypse, Forbes began building a first-party data platform to enable business units across the brand to come out of their silos into holistic alignment. Today, that platform, ForbesOne, revolutionizes how the publisher understands and reaches 140 million+ people, using AI and machine learning to provide unique, personalized and community-oriented experiences. The platform fuels insights into every facet of the business from revenue, editorial, product, marketing, and more to drive exceptional cross-platform offerings leading to impressive results for advertisers. Join this session to learn how first-party data can be leveraged to build a stronger, cohesive brand to maximize results across the business.

    • Alyson Williams

      Alyson Williams

      Senior Vice President, Digital Operations & Strategy // Forbes
  • 9:50am – 10:10am 20 mins
  • Special Sponsor Presentation

    9:50am – 10:10am
  • 10:10am – 10:40am 30 mins
  • Morning Networking Break

    10:10am – 10:40am

    Grab some coffee and snacks—Publisher Sessions are coming up fast!

  • 10:40am – 11:25am 45 mins
  • Don’t Sleep on Audio: Unlocking its Full Potential

    10:40am – 11:25am

    Whether you’re talking about in-app or desktop, audio outperforms video, according to a recent study by attention research firm Lumen and commissioned by Dentsu. Among the findings, audio advertising produced average attentive seconds of 10,126 per thousand impressions, which is over 50% higher than the norm of 6,501 in Dentsu’s database of prior studies. While video continues to dominate ad budgets, these attention statistics suggest that the future landscape could undergo a significant transformation. Still in its infancy, audio’s strategies are far from fully developed but the opportunities are endless. Leave this session armed with the knowledge and next steps to elevate your audio efforts. 

  • What's Next for Commerce Media?

    10:40am – 11:25am

    Commerce media has rapidly transformed advertising, presenting new opportunities for brands, retailers and publishers. Brands and retailers are connecting with consumers in novel ways both online and in-store and publishers are finding new revenue streams with huge potential through RMNs. Yet, there are still challenges to overcome. Publishers can help drive commerce media forward by helping retailers to differentiate from their competitors by providing them with better data to understand where and how to optimize their retail experience as it moves from online to offline to reach their intended audiences at the right time and in the right location.

  • Programmatic Information Gap: Fostering Transparency Between Buy-Side and Sell-Side in Ad Tech

    10:40am – 11:25am

    The ad tech industry is facing a growing information gap between the sell-side and buy-side, with the potential for publishers to assume a leading role by 2025, pending privacy regulations. This gap pertains not only to data but also to understanding data translation on both sides. In the emerging data economy, the sell-side plays a pivotal role, making it crucial for traditional buy-side entities to comprehend and leverage these new dynamics. This session explores the necessity of transparency and strengthened relationships between buyers and sellers, emphasizing the importance of both sides acquiring the data they require to drive ROI for buyers and revenue for sellers. 

  • 11:25am – 11:55am 30 mins
  • Monetizing News: A Hidden Opportunity and How to Seize it

    11:25am – 11:55am

    Consumption of news content is steadily on the rise and as we enter the 2024 election season, that will only increase. Publishers have a massive opportunity to take advantage of the traffic boost by monetizing video around all of their news content. This session will explore if brands should really be avoiding news, and what steps publishers can take to make their video inventory more brand-safe and appealing to media buyers who traditionally steer clear of all things news-related, while simultaneously increasing fill rates and revenue. We’ll also discuss the disparity in how advertisers view news inventory, as well as how the election cycle could potentially impact all of the above.

    • Johanna Bergqvist

      Johanna Bergqvist

      General Manager, The Americas // EX.CO
    • Jeremy Gan

      Jeremy Gan

      SVP, Revenue Operations & Data Strategy //
    • Tom Pachys

      Tom Pachys

      Co-Founder and CEO // EX.CO
  • 11:55am – 12:15pm 20 mins
  • Question the Tech

    11:55am – 12:15pm

    What’s going on with the hottest names in ad tech? Who is debuting game-changing products? What digital media trends are the providers excited about… and what’s making them nervous? During these brief but insightful panels, we’ll get the real scoop on the latest industry developments.

  • 12:15pm – 1:15pm 1 Hr
  • Lunch

    12:15pm – 1:15pm

    After a crazy morning of content, we bet you could use a bite!

  • 1:20pm – 1:45pm 25 mins
  • Safeguarding Children’s Data: Understanding COPPA and The Future of Data Compliance for Minors

    1:20pm – 1:45pm

    Children are sacred, and they must remain that way, even online. In recognition of this, Congress enacted the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in 1998. The Federal Trade Commission ushered it into effect on April 21, 2000. However, it wasn't until July 1, 2013, that the Commission's revised regulations went into play. Ten years later, the sanctity of youth's data is still insufficiently honored. You've heard about YouTube facing scrutiny for alleged inadequacies in safeguarding children’s privacy rights. As publishers and caregivers, learning how to shield the data of our youth appropriately is paramount.

    • Gabe Thomas

      Gabe Thomas

      VP, Product Strategy // Safe Exchange TV
  • 1:45pm – 2:05pm 20 mins
  • Question the Tech

    1:45pm – 2:05pm

    What’s going on with the hottest names in ad tech? Who is debuting game-changing products? What digital media trends are the providers excited about… and what’s making them nervous? During these brief but insightful panels, we’ll get the real scoop on the latest industry developments.

  • 2:05pm – 2:25pm 20 mins
  • The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: Getting Started with Seller-Defined Audiences

    2:05pm – 2:25pm

    Launched in 2022, IAB Tech Lab developed Seller Defined Audiences (SDA) to allow publishers, DMPs, and data providers to scale anonymized first-party data sets responsibly and normalize audience data points across publisher domains without data leakage or the need for user identifiers. SDA enhances addressability, data accountability, and transparency while meeting users' privacy expectations and increasing publishers' first-party data monetization. For publishers not already segmenting their first-party audiences to pass SDAs to DSPs via OpenRTB to earn the best bids, IAB Tech Lab's CEO, Anthony Katsur, is here to share the challenges of scaling SDA adoption, how the industry is implementing SDA, future potential versions of SDA, and how you can get started ASAP. SDA aims to: 
    • Democratize the concept of audience cohorts for the open ecosystem. 
    • Provide a conceptual foundation and technical scaffolding for maintaining addressability using a privacy-by-design structure. 
    • Support ongoing innovation, growth, and open-market competition on top of a shared, flexible framework. 

    • Anthony Katsur

      Anthony Katsur

      CEO // IAB Tech Lab
  • 2:25pm – 2:45pm 20 mins
  • Special Sponsored Presentation

    2:25pm – 2:45pm
  • 2:45pm – 3:15pm 30 mins
  • Afternoon Networking Break

    2:45pm – 3:15pm

    Get your caffeine boost because there's still more great stuff ahead!

  • 3:15pm – 4:00pm 45 mins
  • Political Ad Spend in CTV: Effectively Managing Operational Challenges, Budget Fluidity, and Team Dynamics

    3:15pm – 4:00pm

    Political advertising has found a powerful platform in CTV. However, effectively harnessing the potential of this medium while ensuring transparency and integrity presents unique challenges. This session will explore critical aspects of managing political ad spend in CTV, delving into operational strategies for handling a fluid budget environment, quicker SLAs, and ensuring ad standards to prevent the spread of false information. We'll also discuss the art of managing a diverse team of traffickers with varying political viewpoints, emphasizing the importance of remaining unbiased in an increasingly polarized world. Join us to gain insights into optimizing your CTV political ad campaigns while upholding ethical standards and fostering teamwork. 

  • Eco-Friendly Ad Impressions: The Path to Reduced CO2 Emissions

    3:15pm – 4:00pm

    In this session, Carlos Bracho, Head of Ad Tech at Axel Springer, will share Axel Springer's remarkable achievements in reducing CO2 emissions in digital advertising placements.. Explore innovative strategies and best practices for minimizing the carbon footprint of ad impressions while maintaining the effectiveness and reach of your advertising partners’ campaigns. Discover how sustainable advertising can contribute to a greener future, and gain valuable insights to drive  eco-conscious advertising efforts forward. 

    • Carlos Bracho

      Carlos Bracho

      Head of Ad Technology, Advertising // Axel Springer
  • Testing PPIDs and the Complex Terrain of Privacy-Compliant Data

    3:15pm – 4:00pm

    In an era of heightened data privacy concerns and regulatory scrutiny, the ad tech industry faces the formidable challenge of balancing effective targeting and user privacy. This session delves into testing PPIDs and explores innovative strategies and methodologies for testing their efficacy. Join us to discover the latest insights on how industry leaders leverage PPIDs to deliver personalized advertising while respecting user privacy and ensuring compliance with evolving data protection regulations.

  • Direct Sales Remix: Automating Your Way to Higher CPMs

    3:15pm – 4:00pm

    Direct sales may sound straightforward, but the reality often falls short of the ideal. In hopes of minimizing instances of inventory dollars being eaten up by middle-tech companies, attend this session to learn about the power of automating your direct sales operations and self-service dashboards. Discover how cutting out the middlemen leads to publishers retaining a more substantial share of the CPMs their inventory generates while allowing advertisers to allocate more of their budget to quality inventory. A win-win for all. 

  • 4:10pm – 4:40pm 30 mins
  • Secrets for Building the Successful Programmatic Org

    4:10pm – 4:40pm

    Successful programmatic strategies and organizations are about more than just the setup and intricacies of your tech stack. You also need the right organizational structure in place and people powering the fulfillment of all your programmatic dreams. Daniel Papalia, SVP, Revenue, Tech Vertical, Dotdash Meredith will share his secrets for success, as well as best practices for collaborating with your direct-sold business on Programmatic Direct Deals.

    • Daniel Papalia

      Daniel Papalia

      Vice President of Programmatic Revenue & Strategy // Dotdash Meredith
  • 4:40pm – 4:55pm 15 mins
  • Keynote: AdTechGod's Commandments for the Future of CTV

    4:40pm – 4:55pm

    Fragmentation, brand safety, fraud, and measurement—these are just a few of the challenges when it comes to the future of CTV. But what if we view fragmentation as a sign of a thriving marketplace? Join us for a spirited chat between AdMonsters Content Director, Lynne d Johnson, and the AdTechGod, the Lord of RTB, zooming in from his Cloud. We'll delve into the dynamic world of CTV, discussing its future and strategies for success. Explore the ongoing industry consolidation, the clash of traditional vs. streaming ads, changing consumer habits, the influence of personalized content, and much more. Don't miss this unique opportunity for enlightenment!

    • AdTechGod


      Lord of RTB, Prophet of Programmatic, Savior of AdTech Sinners //
  • 4:55pm – 5:00pm 5 mins
  • Monday Wrap Up

    4:55pm – 5:00pm

    All right, kids—what did we learn today?

  • 5:30pm – 7:30pm 2 Hrs
  • Tech Crawl Happy Hour

    5:30pm – 7:30pm

    In this unique format for getting to know the tech providers sponsoring the Publisher Forum, attendees have the opportunity to do a tech crawl to investigate new technologies, learn a bit about how each company is changing the digital advertising industry. (Of course, there will be drinks and snacks to liven up the conversation.) Sponsoring companies will give attendees markers, and those that grab enough will be eligible for a serious prize given out during dinner.

  • 7:30pm – 10:00pm 2 Hrs, 30 mins
  • The Big Dinner

    7:30pm – 10:00pm

    A beautiful meal enjoyed by publishers and sponsors together, accompanied by music and prizes, and surprises! 

Tuesday – November 7, 2023

    8:00am – 9:00am 1 Hr
  • Breakfast

    8:00am – 9:00am

    Best get a big helping of this scrumptious breakfast because you've got a long day ahead!

  • 9:00am – 9:05am 5 mins
  • Welcome Back

    9:00am – 9:05am

    Welcome back to Day 2 of AdMonsters Publisher Forum with a big hello from AdMonsters publisher, Bill Amstutz, who will give an overview of Day 2.

  • 9:05am – 9:45am 40 mins
  • Keynote: I Want To Spend More With You, Really. A Buy Side's Perspective on Securing Incremental Spend

    9:05am – 9:45am

    Join us for a candid conversation as Jay Friedman, CEO, Goodway Group, shares insights into buy side investment and measurement priorities for 2024. In this dynamic keynote, he will also dive into the impending cookieless landscape and the importance of identity graphs in mitigating privacy concerns as well as the powerful impact of custom targetable audiences. Also learn about Data Driven Attribution’s impact on marketers and publishers and how we can close the divide between buyers and sellers. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge for staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving ad tech ecosystem.

    • Jay Friedman

      Jay Friedman

      CEO // Goodway Group
  • 9:45am – 10:05am 20 mins
  • Question the Tech

    9:45am – 10:05am

    What’s going on with the hottest names in ad tech? Who is debuting game-changing products? What digital media trends are the providers excited about… and what’s making them nervous? During these brief but insightful panels, we’ll get the real scoop on the latest industry developments.

  • 10:05am – 10:15am 10 mins
  • Digital Media Drilldown

    10:05am – 10:15am

    The AdMonsters content squad digs into the most pressing topics at the forefront of digital revenue professionals' minds.

  • 10:15am – 10:45am 30 mins
  • Morning Networking Break

    10:15am – 10:45am

    Grab a cup of coffee and mingle with your new Publisher Forum friends!

  • 10:45am – 11:05am 20 mins
  • Navigating Diversity, Education, and Responsibility in the Evolving Media Landscape

    10:45am – 11:05am

    This session will spotlight the pivotal role of mainstream publishers in advancing diversity and inclusion in the ad tech ecosystem, underscoring how they contribute to these ideals within their existing content and audience structures. In our Fireside Chat, we will talk with Christopher Kenna, Chairman and Founder of Brand Advance Group, about delivering invaluable insights, actionable strategies, and a roadmap to foster a more inclusive and equitable media landscape. We’ll explore the shared responsibility among all industry stakeholders, including ad tech vendors and agencies, to nurture inclusivity and maintain an equitable playing field. Learn  practical strategies for investing in diverse media organizations, ensuring fairness for every participant

    • Christopher Kenna

      Christopher Kenna

      Chairman & Founder // Brand Advance
  • 11:05am – 11:35am 30 mins
  • Special Sponsor Presentation

    11:05am – 11:35am
  • 11:35am – 11:55am 20 mins
  • Question the Tech

    11:35am – 11:55am

    What’s going on with the hottest names in ad tech? Who is debuting game-changing products? What digital media trends are the providers excited about… and what’s making them nervous? During these brief but insightful panels, we’ll get the real scoop on the latest industry developments.

  • 11:55am – 12:40pm 45 mins
  • The Future of Addressability: The Portfolio View

    11:55am – 12:40pm

    Unfortunately, there won't be just one thing a publisher can do to survive the privacy-centric future of the advertising ecosystem. We've already seen a few publishers go all-in on contextual or enhance their ability to create PMPs and other direct-sold strategies. We’re also seeing various other solutions publishers are testing and finding scale with, like Seller Defined Audiences (SDA), deterministic solutions, and clean rooms using Privacy Enhancing Technologies. Finally, there are ID solutions that don't quite scale like third-party cookies or device IDs, but may represent a higher fidelity identifier. Yet, not one of these solutions alone will solve all things for all publishers. That's why a portfolio strategy is best. Learn how a group of publishers is testing various cookieless solutions to drive scale and increase revenue while preserving consumer privacy.

  • 12:40pm – 12:45pm 5 mins
  • Day Two Wrap Up

    12:40pm – 12:45pm

    So what did we learn today kids and what happens next?

  • 12:45pm – 1:00pm 15 mins
  • Pick Up Your Boxed Lunch and Get Ready For Your Activity

    12:45pm – 1:00pm
  • 1:00pm – 5:00pm 4 Hrs
  • Offsite Activities

    1:00pm – 5:00pm

    Your brain needs a little break after all this thinking! Enjoy New Orleans' food, drink, history and beauty while making new connections. Pick an activity that feeds your body, soul or tummy; there are always 4-6 activities to choose from so there's something for everyone! 

  • 7:00pm – 10:00pm 3 Hrs
  • Pubs' Night Out

    7:00pm – 10:00pm

    Enjoy a delicious dinner and entertainment at a beautiful spot with your publisher pals.

Wednesday – November 8, 2023

    8:00am – 9:00am 1 Hr
  • Breakfast

    8:00am – 9:00am

    Start your last day with a healthy bite to eat!

  • 9:00am – 9:10am 10 mins
  • Welcome to the Wonderful World of Workshops and One Big Problem

    9:00am – 9:10am

    This is publishers' favorite part of the conference, where the real peer-to-peer learnings coalesce and best practices take shape. 

  • 9:15am – 10:00am 45 mins
  • One Big Problem: The Future of Identity and Addressability

    9:15am – 10:00am

    Join a publisher roundtable to share learnings and insights about testing ID solutions, the Privacy Sandbox and more.

    • Catherine Beattie

      Catherine Beattie

      Director of Programmatic // WeatherBug
  • 10:05am – 10:50am 45 mins
  • Workshop: Strategies for Q4 and Beyond

    10:05am – 10:50am

    It’s crunch time, time to meet those revenue goals. How are you using analytics to find pennies in the couch? Have you shifted your monetization priorities? Are you looking at alternative revenue streams?

  • Workshop: Mastering Leadership

    10:05am – 10:50am

    In a world of hybrid and remote work with multigenerational workplaces, effective leadership demands a multifaceted approach. Together, let’s explore strategies for tapping into emotional intelligence and mindfulness to become more resilient leaders.

    • Justin Barton

      Justin Barton

      Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy & Partnerships // Black Enterprise
  • Workshop: AI & Ad Ops

    10:05am – 10:50am

    Discover how ChatGPT can supercharge your ad ops game — from automating tasks like crafting emails, suggesting ad products, and solving delivery issues. Join us for this deep dive into using AI to boost efficiency and drive better outcomes.

    • Jared Collett

      Jared Collett

      Sr. Director of Ad Operations & Analytics // Major League Fishing
  • Workshop: Header Bidding—Client Side, Server Side or Hybrid

    10:05am – 10:50am

    It's been said that both client side and server side are estimated to generate an almost identical percentage of programmatic revenue. Both have their pros and cons. Is a hybrid approach the best answer for your business?

  • 10:50am – 11:10am 20 mins
  • Networking Break

    10:50am – 11:10am

    Grab your snacks and bring them with you to our final session - a casual conversation with your peers.

  • 11:10am – 12:00pm 50 mins
  • Report In & Wrap Up

    11:10am – 12:00pm

    Let's close out the event with a bang. This is the highest-rated part of the event by your publisher peers. We reconvene as a group of publishers to talk about all of the important issues we've learned about during the event. This is the session that will inspire you to make a change when you return to work.

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