The Virtual Conference for Digital Media & Revenue Ops Leaders

December 8-10, 2020

Sessions that solve your challenges, peers that speak your language: Publisher Forum and Ops, combined into one virtual mega-event for the entire Revenue Ops community!



There’s no sugarcoating it: 2020 has been a struggle. But, in order for our businesses and careers to survive and even thrive, we all must look towards 2021 with optimism and fresh perspective. That’s why we created PubForum+.  

AdMonsters remain steadfast in our commitment to bring the entire Ad Tech community together annually, as we usually do this at our flagship Ops event in NYC. But, even in a year without live events, we still need peer connection and idea-sharing across the Buy- and Sell-sides. We’ll deliver that to a screen near you—in the forum of the first-ever PubForum+! 

This event is for everyone in the advertising-driven media org. Attending bears no travel expenses or time on a plane. Your entire team can benefit from the Publisher Forum experience from the comfort and safety of home or office. 

The AdMonsters team is hard at work producing another virtual event that will knock your socks off. Each aspect of an AdMonsters event will be transformed for the digital environment: Keynotes and breakouts, small-group workshops, 1-to-1 matchmaking, even virtual activities and happy hours.  

I invite you to register today. We hope you’ll help spread the word to others who can benefit from these conversations. Send it to your team, invite your boss, share it on your company slack, please post to LinkedIn. There’s never been a better time to champion the mission-critical importance of Ad Operations within the media organization.  

I hope to “see” you there. 

Viva La Virtual! 

Bill Amstutz
Group Publisher




Your Ticket Includes:

  • 3 days of virtual discussion and discourse
  • 2 Keynote addresses from industry visionaries
  • Small group breakouts covering a wide variety of ad op current topics
  • Interactive workshops, Zoom-style
  • Wednesday afternoon Virtual Activities
  • Early evening networking happy hour
  • The virtual Tech Hall, packed with advertising technologies 


  • Rich Antoniello

    Rich Antoniello


    Rich Antoniello serves as CEO of Complex Networks, a global media company and one of the most influential voices in popular culture today. In 2016, Rich Antoniello oversaw the acquisition of Complex Media by Verizon and Hearst to become Complex Networks. The joint venture, led by Antoniello, develops and distributes original programming for its channels – Complex, First We Feast, Pigeons and Planes and Sole Collector – and through output deals with distributors including Netflix, Facebook, Fuse, MSG, Verizon and more. The company cultivates content that spans across popular culture and reaches the coveted 18-24-year-old male audience, from music to movies, sports to video games and fashion to food.

    Antoniello joined the company as CEO in 2003 and has transformed Complex from an influential print publication, known for delivering a sharp editorial blend of pop-culture and style trends, into a 360-degree media company reaching millions of hyper-engaged millennials every month. From the launch of and the acquisition and growth of like-minded sites, Antoniello has led the company to become the leading lifestyle brand.

  • Jackson Jeyanayagam

    Jackson Jeyanayagam

    Vice President and General Manager of the Direct-to-Consumer businesses

    Jackson is currently Vice President and General Manager of the Direct-to-Consumer businesses at The Clorox Company which includes full P&L responsibilities, including supply chain; & fulfillment; engineering; product; R&D; growth marketing; and analytics & data science.

    Prior to Clorox, Jackson was the Chief Marketing Officer for e-commerce startup Boxed, where he oversaw growth, performance media, brand, above the line, CRM & loyalty, creative, SEO, CSR, Communications, CX and trade marketing. In 2018, Jackson was named to the Forbes CMO Next 2018 list -- identifying the 50 CMOs redefining the role and shaping the future.

    Previously, Jackson was Head of Digital for Chipotle responsible for leading all digital marketing efforts including mobile, social media, content, CRM & loyalty, analytics and e-commerce integration. Before that Jackson was SVP, Digital at Taylor where he built and oversaw the digital marketing practice and supported a number of brands including Diageo, P&G, Jordan Brand, NASCAR and Starwood.

  • Julia Beizer

    Julia Beizer

    Chief Product Officer and Global Head of Digital

    Julia Beizer is the Chief Product Officer and Global Head of Digital of Bloomberg Media, Bloomberg L.P.'s global multi-platform media organization. Julia oversees Bloomberg Media's digital initiatives across web, app, OTT and distributed digital ecosystem with a focus on strategy and business development. In her role, she is also responsible for overseeing digital and distribution product as well as advertising operations and product teams, working closely with editorial and subscriptions to grow Bloomberg's audience, advertising and consumer revenue.

    Prior to Bloomberg, she was head of product, design and engineering for HuffPost, driving its first-ever redesign. Before that, she spent a decade at The Washington Post, working on both the news and product sides of the company. Julia is an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s School of Journalism, teaching a course on news product, and also serves on the board of Questback, an insights company. She is a thought leader in digital media and is passionate about engaging user experiences and building innovative products. She is a graduate of Wesleyan University.


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  • Rich Antoniello

  • Julia Beizer

    Chief Product Officer and Global Head of Digital
  • Jackson Jeyanayagam

    Vice President and General Manager of the Direct-to-Consumer businesses
  • Addy Atienza

    Dream Team: Head of CTV Revenue & Operations
  • Brad Bacon

    VP, Product and Technology
  • George Baer

    VP, Client Partnerships & Sales
  • Shab Baharyeh

    Ad Product Manager
  • Glenda Bautista-Baker

    Senior Director, Product
  • Catherine Beattie

    Dream Team: Head of Mobile Monetization
  • Brian Bouquet

    Senior Director, Product Management
  • Carlos Bracho

    Head of Ad Technology, Advertising
  • Mahria Braithwaite

    Director, Programmatic Partnerships
  • Maria Breza

    VP, Ad Quality Measurement and Audience Data Operations, SXM Media
  • Alex Campbell

    Manager, Ad Tech & Programmatic
  • Kristin Carriero

    Senior Director, Print and Digital Operations
  • Jennifer Castillo

    Executive Director, Ad Operations
  • David Buonfiglio

    Vice President, Digital
  • Linda Chen

    Dream Team: VP of Rev Ops
  • Jared Collett

    Sr. Director of Ad Operations & Analytics
  • Kerel Cooper

    Co-Founder / President of Advertising
  • Taylor Coulis

    Head of Mobile Partnerships
  • Diana Di Gioia

    Digital Ad Operations Specialist
  • Ron Duque

    Head of Advertising and Ad Tech Operations
  • Pierre Diennet

    Global Partnerships
  • Jim Egan

    VP, Business Development
  • Janelle F. Faulk

    Global Head of Advertising Operations
  • Anja English

    Global Head of Digital Marketing
  • Lauren Gabel

    Director, Client Services
  • Molly Gallagher

    Programmatic Ad Manager
  • Jose Ferreira

    SVP, Product and Innovation
  • Nikki Gertner

    Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Brian Gilbert

    Vice President, Programmatic Operations
  • Jay Glogovsky

    Executive Director, Revenue Analytics and Operations
  • Amanda Gomez

    VP, Revenue Operations
  • Dan Granger

    CEO and Founder
  • Danielle Greirson

    Director, Data Strategy
  • Jessie Gruber

    VP, Programmatic
  • Christopher Guenther

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ian Hocking

    Vice President, Digital
  • Stephanie Hanson

    Offering Manager
  • Nathan Hugenberger

    CTO & EVP of Science
  • Lila Hunt

    Head of Advertising Strategy
  • Cadi Jones

    Commercial Director EMEA
  • Danny Khatib

    Co-founder and CEO
  • AJ Kintner

    VP, Media & Publisher Solutions
  • Michelle Kim

    VP, Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Allison Lambroza

    Director of Sales for Travel & Growth
  • Stephanie Layser

    VP, Advertising Technology and Operations
  • Jonelle Lasala

    Executive Director, Digital Sales Planning & Revenue Operations
    Mansueto Ventures
  • Heather Lemon

    Director, Brand Operations
  • Brian Lovett

    Director, Product
  • Jessica B. Lee

    Partner, Co-Chair, Privacy, Security & Data Innovations
  • Marc Mangino

    Director of Advertising Operations
  • Lynda Mann

    SVP of Commerce
  • Peyton Marcus

    SVP, Operations
  • Amanda Martin

    SVP, Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships
  • Alex Mason

    VP, Programmatic Sales, Yield & Strategy
  • Jeffrey Mayer

    Vice President, Programmatic
  • Ryan McConaghy

    VP, Global Monetization Strategy
  • Patrick McCann

    Senior Vice President of Research
  • Rachael McCombs

    Sr. Director Ad and Media Operations
  • LeeAnne McElligott

    Senior Manager Ad Systems & Trafficking, Digital
  • James McWilliams

    Global Head of Customer Success
  • Scott Messer

    SVP, Media
  • Pieter Mees

    VP, Video & Publisher Products
  • Mike McLeod

    Director, Advertising Technology
  • Allie Mottola

    Director, Data & Optimization
  • Eileen Moroney

    VP, Sales Technology Solutions
  • Katya Moukhina

    Director of Programmatic Operations
  • Bill Murray

    VP, Programmatic Revenue and Ad Products
  • Andreas Noack

    Senior Programmatic Advertising
  • Mark Obermoller

    Director - Programmatic and Yield
  • Jon Nolz

    Global Director, Ads
  • Nora Okonski

    Sr. Director, Revenue Operations
  • Rob Paciorek

  • Lee Pallotta

    Vice President, Ad Operations
  • Sarah Polli

    Director, Mar Tech Solutions
  • Jacqueline O'Neill

    Dream Team: SVP Ad Products
  • Nick Potvin

    Digital Production & Privacy Compliance
  • Peo Persson

    Co-founder and CPO
  • Stephanie Pruzinsky

    VP, Client Success
  • Erik Requidan

    Co-Founder / CEO and Founder
  • Jennifer Popack

    VP, Client Solutions
  • Lara Phippen

    VP of Client Services, North America
  • Jason Riback

  • Seth Rogin

    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Dan Rua

  • Will Roth

    Vice President of Content & Strategy @Foundry
  • Jermaine Roseman

    Sr. Director, Advanced Advertising Solutions
  • Cory Rotkel

    Vice President of Digital
  • Nola Solomon

    VP AdSmart Programmatic
  • Rob Schwertley

    Yield Manager
  • Rachael Savage

    Senior Vice President, Ad Revenue Operations
  • Spencer Sloe

    Global Head of Ad Product & Innovation
  • Robin Strauss

    VP, AD Technology & Yield
  • Clifford Seals

    Senior Manager for the Advanced Advertising Solutions Team
  • Anne Thiel

    Sr. Director Advertising & Revenue Operations
  • Ratko Vidakovic

    Founder and Principal
  • Jeff Turner

    Head of Commercial Product
  • Sarah Wagner

    Director, Programmatic
  • Samuel Youn

    VP, Programmatic
  • Rick Welch

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Bill Amstutz

  • Rob Beeler

    Founder & CEO
  • Lynne d Johnson

    Content Director
  • Gavin Dunaway

    Product Marketing Lead

Virtual Venue

Hosted in the HopIn Online Venue for Virtual Events

Virtual Venue Areas:

  • Reception: Get directions, ask us anything!  
  • Main Stage: Keynotes, full group sessions and The Happiest Happy HOur
  • Breakout Sessions: Engage in small-group zoom-style workshops
  • Ops Roulette: Meet & chat with peers 1-to-1
  • Tech Hall: Interact with technology service providers and see their solutions in action.


To keep tickets low-cost to all publishers, brands and agencies, the event is sponsored by a group of savvy technology providers in the advertising industry. 

As a part of attending this event, each paid attendee & speaker can make themself available for 1-4 networking appointments with technology companies you are interested in, and who might be interested in meeting you. Each matched meeting you take earns you a $50 Amazon gift card. 

How does it work?

Each appointment lasts 15-30 minutes, and will be pre-scheduled. Appointments take place any time in the 4 business days after the virtual event, Dec 11-16.  

Appointments will take place on video conference. Meetings will be facilitated by AdMonsters, but specific meeting times will be chosen by YOU to suit you calendar. Once you select your time, the appointment is firm! 

How are attendees matched? 

Every attendee will be asked to fill out a pre-event survey. You can identify either the technologies that most interest, specific companies that interest you, or both. Sponsors also have the chance to identify the attendees/attending companies that interest them.

AdMonsters makes the matches, sends out a Doodle scheduling tool for you to select your meeting times, and then keeps track of how many meetings have taken place. 

What’s in it for me?

For every appointment you take (up to 4), you earn a reward of a $50 Amazon gift card, up to $200. All while learning about companies that can help make your life easier. Pretty sweet deal, eh? 

Note: you must be selected by a sponsoring company in order to be matched. Paid attendees & speakers will be eligible for the Amazon gift cards if selected/matched. Gift cards are distributed electronically after meetings have occurred. 


Burt Intelligence.
Integral Ad Science
OneTrust PreferenceChoice
AAX Acceptable Ads Exchange
Hashtag Labs