• Tom Goodwin

    Executive Vice President of Innovation
  • Tatiana Holifield-Arthur

    Senior Director, Social Media & Digital Strategy—BET Networks
  • Melissa Bonnick

    SVP, Client Results
  • Lee Brown

  • Olga O'Donnell

    VP, Business Operations and Technology Partnerships
  • David Murnick

    EVP Digital Operations and Technology Partnerships
  • Chandon Jones

    SVP Partner, Ad Operations
  • Armando Turco

    General Manager, Vox Creative
    Vox Media
  • Maria Breza

    VP, Ad Quality Measurement and Audience Data Operations, SXM Media
  • Chris Cable

    Director of Data, Analytics and Strategic Planning
  • Elizabeth Christensen

  • Seth Rogin

    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Matthew Hogg

    Head of Programmatic
  • Cheryl Ng

    VP, Programmatic & Media Technology
  • Keith Grossman

    Global Chief Revenue Officer
  • Julie Van Ullen

    Vice President of Publisher Development and Account Management, North America
  • Lizzy Hanna Glazer

    General Manager
  • Kelly Andresen

    SVP, Head of GET Creative
  • Michael Weaver

    SVP of Business Development and Growth
  • Erica Osher

    Senior Director of Sponsorship Products and NPM Creative
  • Stephanie Layser

    VP, Advertising Technology and Operations
  • Emry DowningHall

    SVP, Programmatic Revenue and Strategy
  • Megan Harris

    Managing Director
  • Angelina Eng

    Vice President, Programmatic+Data Center
  • Dave Pond

    GM, Display and Programmatic
    Vox Media
  • Adrian D'Souza

    Digital Strategic Consulting Services
  • James Del

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • George Castrissiades

    VP of Media Operations
  • Christine Peterson

    Managing Partner
  • Melanie Deziel

  • Jarrod Dicker

  • Melissa Grady

    Brand Consultant
  • Marc Guldimann

    Cofounder and CEO
  • Si Brown

    Founder and CEO
  • Joelle Harms

    Digital Media Manager
  • Benjamin Hansz

    VP, Strategy
  • Louis-David Mangin

    CEO and Cofounder
  • Will Luttrell

    Founder and CEO
  • David Leviev

    VP - Programmatic Product Development
  • Ana Milicevic

    Principal and Cofounder
  • Frank Pica

    VP, Demand US
  • Curt Larson

    Chief Product Officer
  • Shenan Reed

    President, Chief Client Officer, Verizon
  • Mark Risis

    Head of Global Data Partnerships
  • KA Srinivasan

  • Laura Correnti

  • Nina Shea

    Senior Director, Brand Solutions
  • Sandra Baez

    VP of Operations
  • Mike Finnegan

    VP, Data Products
  • Sara Fischer

    Media Reporter
  • Raef Godwin

    VP of Revenue Operations
  • Danielle Sikes

    Senior Marketing Manager
  • Nadia Gonzalez

    Consultant & Former VP, Marketing
  • Frank Cannata

    Performance Group Director
  • Sam Appelbaum

    General Manager
  • Andy Evans

  • Robert John Davis

    Head of Digital, USA
  • Sarah Stringer

    SVP, Head of Innovation
  • Michelle Smith

    Senior Director, Product Management
  • Megan Hartman

    Global Programmatic Lead
  • Brendan Spain

    VP of Advertising, Americas
  • Ryan Brown

    SVP, Business Development
  • Jana Meron

    Vice President of Revenue Operations & Data
  • Heather Carver

    Senior Vice President of Accounts
  • Aliza Freud

    CEO and Founder
  • Paul Wallace

    VP, Media Solutions
  • Chris Hartley

    Head of Global Advertising
  • Jill Steinhauser

    SVP, Ad Sales Revenue and Planning
  • Katie Watson

    Director, Technology and Activation
  • Rich Calacci

  • Doug Huntington

  • Rebecca Weidenbenner

    Manager, Third Party Platforms
  • Sarah Rosen

    Head of Entertainment Partnerships, North America
  • Dominique Walker

    Director of Audience Products & Platforms
  • PJ Thompson

    Director of Sales Operations
  • Brett Robinson

    Vice President, Ad Operations
  • Joy Robins

  • Derek Nicol

    VP, Advertising Technology
  • Alida Brandenburg

  • Tiffany Ku

    SVP, Digital Investment
  • Joan Giacomini

    Vice President, Advertising and Sales Operations
  • Vanessa Lizama

    VP of Digital Media Strategy
  • Sean Robertson

    General Manager, Programmatic and Addressable Advertising
  • Alex Andreyev

    VP, Partner, Integrated Investment
  • Will Doherty

    SVP, Global Marketplace Development
  • Dina Bloch

    Senior Director, Brand Strategy
  • Agatha Bochenek

    Head of Mobile & VR/AR Advertising Sales
  • Gabriel Coelho-Kostolny

    Head of Product Marketing
  • William Bock

    VP, Ultimate Audiences
  • Sarah Sluis

    Managing Editor
  • Andrew Smith

    SVP of Publisher Product
  • Eric John

    Vice President, Media Center
  • Scott Hendrickson

    SVP of Sales
  • Glenda Bautista-Baker

    Senior Director, Product
  • Todd Butler

    VP & GM, Global Platform Solutions, Supply
  • Ron Duque

    Head of Advertising and Ad Tech Operations
  • Barnaby Edwards

    Global Head of Product Marketing
  • Sasha Heroy

    Senior Director, Ad Platforms
    New York Times
  • Annie Granatstein

    Head of WP Brand Studio
  • Jim Hirshfield

    Head of Sales, US
  • Sarah Krembs

  • Brian Lin

    SVP, Product Management - Ad Sales
  • Joe Luna

    VP Sales Operations
  • Patrick McCann

    Senior Vice President of Research
  • Mike McLeod

    Director, Advertising Technology
  • Elyse Southwell

    VP, Global Digital Revenue Strategy & Operations
  • Premesh Purayil

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Katie Weber

    Vice President, Client Partnerships
  • Samuel Youn

    VP, Programmatic
  • Youssef Ben Youssef

    Director of Ad Platform
  • Rob Beeler

    Founder & CEO
  • Gavin Dunaway

    Product Marketing Lead
  • Brian LaRue

    Staff Writer