About the OPS Conference

Ops isn’t just how digital media is bought and sold anymore; digital media businesses are built on the foundation of Ops. And that is where the Ops conference comes in…

Real value in a conference comes from the highest quality content– the more you learn, the more you earn. That’s why we’ve designed the upcoming Ops conference as a comprehensive excursion into all the facets of digital media marketing and monetization. See our agenda for the breadth of topics we’ll cover.

“AdMonsters events like Ops have opened the door for me to have vital conversations acknowledging or confirming what I was doing, as well as a springboard to bounce new ideas to my peers in the industry.”
Dennis Colon
“The people I've met and the discussions I've had at AdMonsters events have stuck with me for years. The Ops conference brings us all in - it's a great place to mingle with both industry veterans and newcomers.”
Heather Keltz
“At Ops, you find out about ground truth. Past the headlines, how much friction is really being removed from the supply chain? Past the headlines, who is really, truly focused on driving business outcomes for the advertiser? This is what I expect to discuss with my peers at Ops.”
Jay Sears
“For me, conferences are all about making valuable connections with the people who are moving the needle in our business and I have always found that Ops is great for connecting with the best people and brightest minds in digital.”
Jeff Burkett
“Ops has some of the most actionable content of any conference in our space. I never miss it and make sure that my teams also go.”
Oleg Korenfeld
Mediavest | Spark
“Ops is community. It is rolling our collective sleeves up…working alongside peers to solve for the ever-expanding complexities in the market.”
Raef Godwin
PGA Tour
“AdMonsters never fails to deliver on its original promise to be a free and open place for the unfiltered exchange of ideas.”
Sandra Baez
“Ops is a great opportunity for my team to get into the new and next for the side of our industry that is often unsung and yet the real foundation of what we do.”
Shenan Reed

About AdMonsters

AdMonsters is the global leader in strategic insight on the future of digital media and advertising technology. Founded in 1999, AdMonsters began serving the advertising operations professional through live media and its online community. 

This vibrant community is forward-looking and results-oriented. AdMonsters has built its reputation on providing objective editorial leadership based on deep, real world expertise.  As of March 2015, AdMonsters is part of the Access Intelligence family of companies.

Core Values


We are exclusively focused on online ad operations and technology, tying in to the entire realm of digital operations, strategy, and technology. We remain committed to looking at the world of digital media and advertising through an operational, strategic lens.  


We believe that quality is paramount for a content-driven organization. Our value comes from our audience, and our audience comes for quality. Quality content means maintaining clear editorial vision and integrity, speaking directly to our audience, creating the relevant, timely, and actionable content, and not straying from our topical focus.


AdMonsters exists because Community is Necessary. A professional community is a requirement for an industry and a craft to develop to its highest potential. To meet each other, find and learn from mentors or become mentors, solve problems, create and find solutions, develop best practices, experiment and test theories and launch and promote products. This is where we find understanding, share stories, learn, grow, laugh, and make human contact in an increasingly virtual world.

Ops Advisory Board

Meet the Team

  • Rob Beeler

    Founder & CEO
  • Jess Tyler

  • Gavin Dunaway

    Product Marketing Lead
  • Justin Loresco

    Sr. Director, Sales & Marketing
  • Carrie Brown Albanese

    Director of Marketing
  • Brian LaRue

    Staff Writer
  • Karen Gunther

    Director of Events