November 3, 2022
Publisher Forum Nashville Keynote Cara Pratt: The Retail Media Pioneer
Before Cara Pratt was pioneering in the ad tech space, in her adolescence, she was dreaming of becoming a detective. If the fates decided to turn the wheels of destiny a different way, she might have been the real-world Enola Holmes. Instead, I’m sure the ad tech ecosystem is grateful that she used her passion for deduction and problem-solving to decipher all things marketing and digital media.  Read more.
The Imperative for First-party Data Unification
To maintain their edge, publishers must unify data strewn across a fragmented digital landscape that spans properties, channels, platforms, and devices. With disruption on the horizon, it behooves publishers to act now and prioritize first-party data unification.  Read more.
What's Your Rev Ops Efficiency?
As we enter a new age of advertising, we want to better understand the impact of ad quality in direct deals as well as programmatic channels, as well as the workload of Rev Ops and Ad Ops teams. Specifically, do they have the tools they need to ensure the ads that appear on their sites meet their brand’s standards, and whether they spend too much time managing the process? Read more.
Top Stories
Publishers and advertisers are concerned that going cookieless will make it harder to reach their audiences and hinder their revenue growth, but 33Across’ recent programmatic study argues quite the opposite. In fact, as demand increases spend on cookieless inventory, CPMs will continue to slowly rise. Read more.
Publishers are feeling tremendous uncertainty as they face Apple's massive tech changes and the potential cookieless future. To brave the days ahead, successful publishers must have high-functioning, multi-disciplinary teams, and revenue operations leadership to match. Revenue ops can look to the best of the best —  elite organizations like the Navy SEALs —  to learn important lessons for survival, and ultimately, success. Read more.
Panelists Donald Albright (President and Co-founder, Tenderfoot TV), Conal Byrne (Chief Executive Officer, iHeartMedia Digital Audio Group), and Shelby Schenkman (Agent in Audio, United Talent Agency), along with moderator and multimedia mogul Charlamagne tha God, examined how podcasts are developing into a thriving medium for creative storytelling.  Read more.
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