July 8, 2022
AdMonsters Playbook: Why Publishers Need to Break Down Their First-Party Data Silos
First-party data is widely seen as an avenue for creating successful campaigns, and publishers are keen to develop their first-party offerings. Sharing data internally allows publishers to create and demonstrate highly personalized value exchanges across all channels. Now more than ever, publishers need to fully harmonize their cross-channel experiences with personalized content for each user. Read more.
Web3: Future of the Internet and Digital Marketing or Off Chute Experiment?
Change is inevitable, especially in the ad tech space which is constantly developing new systems to improve itself.  A new wave of experimental ideas is washing over the ad tech industry that many believe will ultimately have a great impact on the open web. Read more.
No Worries, Shifty Metrics After Google's Core Algorithm Update Won't Last Forever
Pubs, if you've recently seen a decrease in website tracking Google may be to blame. Google makes hundreds of algorithm updates each year, some minor, some major, and the core updates take place every few months. The last time Google rolled out a broad core update was in November 2021, but some would argue that Google's June/July 2021 update was more impactful for websites. If you recall, the June/July update was so massive that Google broke it into two. But how will this latest update impact publishers? Read more.
Top Stories
For the entire month of June, we saw many brands rainbow wash their logos and packaging, but are those companies working to implement change in communities or stop bias against the LGBTQ community? Read more.
The rise of digital channels where consumers engage with brands — on websites, mobile apps, social platforms, etc. — drove the creation of solutions like DMPs, MDMs, and CDPs. These solutions allow marketers (and publishers) to recognize people by their different proxies and stitch them together for a single view of the customer. Read more.
The recent surge in email newsletters can be attributed to all sorts of things from the cookie crackdown to looming privacy regulations to publishers needing to diversify their revenue. I spoke with Rachel Rubin, Vice President, Customer Success, Liveintent to dive deeper into these topics and especially focus on how email newsletters can come out of the shadows to play a leading role in a publisher’s direct-sold program and help them to increase yield. Read more.
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