February 13, 2022
How Publishers Balance Ad Revenue With Ad Quality
Programmatic is often a blackbox; publishers have no idea which ads will appear on their sites ahead of time, often because the exchanges themselves don’t know which ads flow through their pipes. Without transparency and complete control, publishers will continue to contend with scams and other unwanted ads that don’t meet their standards. For many publishers, monetization comes at a cost to quality,  but it doesn’t need to be this way. With the right controls, monetization and quality can be assured. Read more.
The Truth About Ads.txt
If you're running programmatic advertising, and almost everyone is, you have an ads.txt file in place on your website and it is likely something you update at least from time to time. But do you really understand the mechanics behind the file and what you as a publisher should be doing to maintain the quality of advertising on your site? Publishers that don’t truly understand, how it works, don’t evaluate addition requests by buyers, and/or don’t take the time to maintain the file, could be facing invalid ads.txt entries. Read more.
The Great Migration to CTV and What It Means for Ad Ops — A 2022 Update
In late October 2019, John Osborn wrote about the existing, new, and soon-to-launch streaming services showing how they fit into the OTT ecosystem. Then Covid-19 arrived, and the migration that might have taken years took place in months. Now 53% of video viewing on all devices is on CTV. Here I provide an update on CTV growth, a revised roster of CTV players, and what it means for Ad Ops. Read more.
Top Stories
With digital media and ad tech constantly changing at the speed of light, it's hard to know what's happening next, or in some cases even what's happening now. We spoke with seven leaders from academia, advertising operations, data practices, and media and creative agencies, to learn how they believe the space will continue to evolve over the course of the year. They talked about Google's Privacy Sandbox, media and ad tech consolidation, the talent crisis, the first-party data boom, and so much more. Read more.
Late last month, in a move that shocked no one, Google announced Topics, a Privacy Sandbox initiative it thinks can power interest-based targeting in Chrome when third-party cookies are phased out. Google calls Topics an evolution of their previous proposal for interest-based targeting which was called FLoC. Read more.
Introducing Capital B, a new nonprofit newsroom founded by two mainstream editors, Akoto Ofori-Atta and Lauren Williams, who launched the pub after leaving leadership positions at The Trace and Vox. They're part of a growing trend, as more nonprofit newsrooms pop up around the country, including The Ohio Local News Initiative and Houston Local News Initiative. Read more.
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