• Ray Adamson

    Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
  • Justin Adler-Swanberg

    Director Marketplace Quality
  • Roxanne Allen

    Head of Ad Operations
  • Catherine Ammerman

    Vice President, AdSales Operations
  • Kevin Antoine

    Dream Team: Head of Programmatic
  • Addy Atienza

    Dream Team: Head of CTV Revenue & Operations
  • Ben Barokas

    Founder & CEO
  • Rob Beeler

    Founder & CEO
  • Johanna Bergqvist

    General Manager, The Americas
  • Alysia Borsa

    Chief Business Officer and President of Lifestyle
  • Kerel Cooper

    Co-Founder / President of Advertising
  • Luke Cori

    VP, Ad Tech Partnerships
  • Peter Cunha

    Managing Director of Ad Management
  • Amanda Dean

    Head of Programmatic Partners and Strategy
  • Rikki Decker

    Head of Partnerships
  • John Delvito

    Senior Manager, Yield, Ad Ops, Programmatic
  • Pierre Diennet

    Global Partnerships
  • Yuvette Smith Dillard

    General Manager, VP Regional Sales
  • Anthony Dominguez

    Director, Publisher Development (Multi-Cultural)
  • Emry DowningHall

    SVP, Programmatic Revenue and Strategy
  • Marjolein Duermeijer

    EVP, Content
  • Gavin Dunaway

    Product Marketing Lead
  • Brooke Edwards-Plant

    VP Global Ad Ops & Revenue Platforms
  • Angelina Eng

    Vice President, Programmatic+Data Center
  • Vanessa Eng

    VP Programmatic Revenue Strategy & Operations
  • Curtis Evans

    Director of Ad Operations
  • Janelle F. Faulk

    Global Head of Advertising Operations
  • Christine Foster

    Vice President, Media Operations
  • Jeremy Gan

    SVP, Revenue Operations & Data Strategy
  • Brian Georgi

  • Simon Goldrick

    Senior Director, Programmatic Strategy
  • Burhan Hamid

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Evan Herman

    Vice President, Programmatic Media Sales
  • Clara Hernandez

    Director of Product, Data Technology
  • Andrew Herrmann

    Senior Specialist, Advanced Advertising Solutions
  • Samantha Hoffnagle

    Vice President - US & Canada
  • Adam Hua

    Product Innovation and Market Development Leader
  • Anthony Iaffaldano

    VP, Sales Marketing & Insights
  • Faiza Javaid

    Vice President, Deputy General Counsel
  • Lynne d Johnson

    Content Director
  • Anthony Katsur

  • Tameka Kee

    Event Host & Producer
  • Lara Koenig

    Global Product Lead
  • Andrew Q. Kraft

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Matt Kyme

    Director of Product, Advertising Data & Innovations
  • Philip Lalonde

    Senior Vice President, Ad Sales Operations
  • Carl Leskinen

  • Chad Lewis

    Vice President, Strategy & Operations
  • Sam Marc

    Senior Director, Addressable Solutions
  • Amanda Martin

    SVP, Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships
  • Kerri Mason

    VP, Integrated Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Patrick McCann

    Senior Vice President of Research
  • Laura McElhinney

    EVP, Chief Data Officer
  • Ed McLoughlin

    Managing Partner
  • Jana Meron

    Vice President of Revenue Operations & Data
  • Scott Messer

    SVP, Media
  • Alix Foster Miller

    Director of Product Marketing
  • Beth Morino

    Customer Success Manager
  • Scott Mulqueen

    VP, Yield Management & Programmatic
  • Gregg Murphy

    Vice President of Global Revenue Operations
  • Sharon Mussalli

    EVP, Revenue and Ad Operations
  • Cheryl Ng

    VP, Programmatic & Media Technology
  • Maikel O'Hanlon

    SVP, Performance Media & Innovation
  • Raymundo Olivo

    Vice President, Data Architecture
  • Adeniyi Omisore

    Director, Content Syndication and Partnership
  • John Osborn

    Co-Founder and CMO
  • Doug Park

    Vice President, Ad Operations
  • Nathan Phillips

  • Shawn Pokorny

    Director of Campaign Services
  • Mike Racic

  • Erik Requidan

    Co-Founder / CEO and Founder
  • Mike Richter

    Strategic Advisor
    Finnovar Media
  • John Roa

  • David Rowley

    VP, Revenue Technology
  • Rachel Rubin

    VP, Customer Success
  • Rachael Savage

    Senior Vice President, Ad Revenue Operations
  • Aron Schatz

    Director of Product Management, Publisher
  • Nick Schifano

    Director Programmatic Strategy & Analytics
  • Allison Schulte

    Global Head of Data & Audience
  • Jason Schulweis

    EVP, Brand Partnerships & Creative Studio
  • Wendy Seltzer

    Strategy Lead and Counsel
  • Ryan Simone

    Senior Global Director, Audience Insights
  • Arisha Smith

    Chief Digital Officer
  • Emma Smits

    Senior Director, Sales Innovation & Marketing
  • Scott Solomon

    Lead, Demand Manager Accounts
  • Brendan Spain

    VP of Advertising, Americas
  • George Stella

    Co-founder & CEO, BIGtoken / Co-founder, Data Privacy Protocol Alliance
  • Jake Sullivan

    Director of Programmatic & Revenue Partnerships
  • Prerna Talreja

    Managing Director of Digital Activation
  • Bob Walczak

  • Jon Watts

    Managing Director
  • AnnMarie Wills

  • Xavier Winslow

    Sales Director
  • Justin Wohl

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • William Won

    VP of Revenue
  • Myles Younger

    Head of Innovation & Insights
  • Yakira Young

    Content Manager
  • Alexandria H. Zamoyta

    Director, Enterprise Solutions