Call for Entries! AdMonsters and Folio: are honoring the top women in media in 2021!
You’re invited to nominate yourself and/or the inspiring you work with to be awarded with this industry distinction in up to eight categories. It’s your turn to be in the spotlight! With new 2021 categories in DEI, Mentorship and Tech, this year’s Top Women in Media Awards celebrate all that makes women shine their brightest – capability, creativity and collaboration!

Enter Now and Save!  Early Entry Deadline: July 16, 2021

For general questions about the Top Women in Media Awards or for assistance
in the nomination process, contact Trish Borrelli at



Women who’ve successfully altered the course of their brands or the industry for the better.

    Tech Trailblazers

    Women blazing the trail in media tech and ad tech.


      Women who’ve launched or rebuilt brands or companies and continue to work tirelessly towards their success.

        DEI Champions

        Women who’ve had an exceptional impact on diversity and inclusion in their teams, companies and the media industry as a whole.

          Magnanimous Mentors

          Women who’ve made an extraordinary effort and impact on the careers of their colleagues. Women who are sending the elevator back down!

            Up and Comers

            Women on the rise, making their mark, even at the early stages of their careers.

              Entry Requirements And Details

              ENTRY DEADLINES & FEES

              Early Deadline: July 16, 2021 — entries received before midnight ET on July 16 are $325 each. If you submit the same entry into multiple categories, the additional fee is $250 per category. Entry fees are not refundable.  

              Standard Rate Deadline: July 23, 2021 — Entries received after 11:59 PM ET on July 16, 2021will be charged the standard rate of $375 each. If you submit the same entry into multiple categories, the additional fee is $250 per category. Entry fees are not refundable.

              Late Fee: Entries received after July 23 will incur an additional $75 fee per entry. Entry fees are not refundable. 


              Applicants must be employed by a media company, a digital-only media company, an association, or work as a consultant or other services-provider to the industry. Previous Top Women may be nominated again. 


              All nominations for Top Women in Media must include a narrative outlining which category they are entering in, and detailing their specific accomplishments. Testimonials and other supporting materials are encouraged but be kind to the judges and keep it brief. Here’s what you’ll need to include with each entry:

              1. Nominator contact and company information (the point person for all entry details) 

              2. Nominee information (the person who is being nominated for an award)

              3. Justification – Synopsis of why the nominee should win an award. Can include any specific traits and abilities that make this person stand out among peers and how this person’s influence extends beyond her company. (500 word max)

              4. Career Achievements – Please provide a description that includes 3 specific accomplishments and milestones achieved by the nominee.  

              5. Hi-res headshot of the nominee

              6. OPTIONAL – Supporting documents (any supporting documents, videos, URLs to support your entry)


              Honorees will receive significant exposure and unparalleled recognition with a 100 word profile on Honorees will also be promoted through email promotions to the AdMonsters and Folio: database of 60k+ and on all AdMonsters and Folio: social media networks of 41k+ magazine media executives.


              The women spearheading the progression of the publishing industry will be recognized at the Top Women in Media Awards Celebration in the Fall of 2021. Join your industry peers, the Folio: and AdMonsters Team and a few surprise guests to celebrate the honorees and all of their accomplishments. 

              Stay tuned for exciting event details!

              Past Honorees

              • Diane Alfano

                Chairman & CEO
                Institutional Investor
              • Janelle F. Faulk

                Global Head of Advertising Operations
              • Annie Granatstein

                Head of WP Brand Studio
                Washington Post, The
              • Mirin Fader

                The Bleacher Report
              • Kathy Ishizuka

                Executive Editor
                School Library Journal
              • Bonnie Kintzer

                President and CEO
                Trusted Media Brands
              • Jaime Levitt

                Head of Engagement
                Index Exchange
              • Joy Profet

                Chief Operating Officer
              • Martha Stewart

                Founder and Chief Creative Officer // Martha Stewart Living & Martha Stewart Weddings
                Meredith Corporation
              • Shauna Sweeney

                Industry Marketing and Intelligence Lead, Global Business Marketing
              • Maria Taylor

                Analyst, Host and Reporter
              • Natalie Williams

                Chief Operating Officer
                Brief Media


              “Receiving the inaugural Catalyst Award was an incredible honor. I’m grateful to Folio: for recognizing the achievements of women in the publishing industry, and for bringing together so many talented women in media to celebrate and inspire one another.”

              – Sarah McConville, Harvard Business Review

              “Accepting the Top Women award in a room full of female industry peers – women of several generations, those who forged a path for us and those who will be the next generation of industry leaders – was moving in a way that I hadn’t anticipated. It was incredibly meaningful not just to be recognized, but to share in that legacy of women breaking barriers in their careers. It was a powerful reminder that we are as women all linked to one another, and that our support of one another makes everything possible.”

              – Mia Tramz, TIME

              “As a woman who has been passionately involved in journalism for more than two decades, it was such a proud moment to be recognized as a Folio: Top Women Honoree. Being able to connect with other dynamic women in the magazine industry at the Folio: Awards Gala gave me insight and inspiration I could bring back to my team so we can continue to grow and innovate. It is so important to recognize the value that female media professionals bring to the industry and Folio: has always made it a point to both honor their accomplishments and also to try to help them navigate challenges that may arise.”

              – Alison Overholt, ESPN

              “As a business entrepreneur who founded a magazine thirty-six years ago, I found it thrilling to be talking to young media professionals who had already reached a level of success that few could have hoped for back then. While their paths will be markedly different from mine, it is still scattered with sexist obstacles. Recognition of their accomplishments by Folio helps to overcome these.”

              – Carol Ott, Habitat Magazine

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