• Catherine D. Henry

    SVP of Growth, 5G, XR and Innovation
  • Chris Kane

  • Alex Kantrowitz

  • Dennis Colón

    Head of Product & Strategy Media Division
  • Adrian D'Souza

    Digital Strategic Consulting Services
  • Gavin Dunaway

    Product Marketing Lead
  • Jim Egan

    VP, Business Development
  • Janelle F. Faulk

    Global Head of Advertising Operations
  • Matthew Scott Goldstein

    Independent Analyst / Advisor / Consultant
  • Christopher Guenther

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Oleg Korenfeld

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Louis-David Mangin

    CEO and Cofounder
  • Philip L. McKenzie

    Cultural Anthropologist + Strategist; Host, The Deep Dive
  • Beth Morino

    Customer Success Manager
  • Jana Meron

    SVP of Programmatic & Data Strategy
  • Daniel Papalia

    Vice President of Programmatic Revenue & Strategy
  • Dan Newberry

    Sr. Director, Ad Tech & Operations
  • Priti Patel Powell

    Senior Director, Business Development
  • Ari Paparo

    Head of Partnerships and Strategy
  • Mike Richter

    Senior Director, Global Programmatic Lead
  • Ericka Riggs

    Chief DEI Officer
  • Laura Salant

    Chief Storyteller
  • Cory Schnurr

    Head of Marketplace Innovation
  • Warren Zenna

  • Rich Zeroth

    Vice President Programmatic Monetization
  • Alan Wolk

    Co-Founder/Lead Analyst
  • Jared Siegal

    Founder and CEO
  • Tameka Kee

    Head of Content
  • Rob Beeler

    Chair, Advisory Board
  • Lynne d Johnson

    Senior Editor