March 7, 2024
The Dawn of Hedged Gardens: The Evolution of Data Collaboration
The concept of 'Hedged Gardens' emerges from the limitations of Walled Gardens. Unlike a walled environment, Hedged Gardens allows for controlled data collaboration between different entities. These environments are meticulously designed with 'hedges' - not impenetrable walls - symbolizing the balance between data privacy and data utility. Read more.
Enabling Data Collaboration as Cookies Crumble
With the decline of third-party cookies, data collaboration platforms might be the industry’s answer to improving data’s value. In this Q&A, Alexandra Theriault, Chief Growth Officer, Spherical at Lotame, shares how organizations can leverage data collaboration to access, analyze, and activate data. The tech company recently expanded the offerings for its end-to-end data collaboration platform, Spherical, to allow marketers and media owners to advance the potential of first-party data. Read more.
Breaking the Mold with a Smile: Yolanda Evans, the Culture Queen of Ad Tech
Yolanda Evans, Chief People & Culture Officer at Mediavine, stands as a beacon in the ad tech industry, a testament to the power of resilience, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to inclusion. In the dynamic landscape of ad tech, a world where technology and media collide with culture and diversity,… Read more.
Top Stories
As the industry moves away from relying on third-party tracking cookies, several solutions are taking shape to help target users while keeping their information secure. One of those solutions is alt IDs, which tend to confound even the most seasoned players. The most important thing, right now, in solving the alt ID problem is not to recreate the cookie problem. Read more.
We took a peek behind the curtain of one of our PubForum Austin keynotes Luis Romero, SVP, Head of Sales North America, The Guardian US. In this Linkedin Live recap, Romero discusses how sales and ops can mutually benefit from one another. Read more.
In the lead-up to #PubForum Austin, AdMonsters hosted a LinkedIn Live with keynote Burhan Hamid, CTO at TIME, who offered a unique perspective on the power of leveraging AI for publishers. Read more.
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