July 16, 2020
Sellers Need Buy-Side Transparency
Transparency concerns have long plagued open advertising markets, scaring away participants on the buy and sell-side of open real-time bidding advertising transactions. The buy-side has ads.txt and sellers.json. Unfortunately, sell-side participants—publishers—often have difficulty obtaining basic levels of transparency in reverse when using header bidding tools to extend demand. "Publishers with other header bidding integrations should be demanding their provider keeps up, with the end goal being full transparency of buyers," writes Cafemedia's Patrick McCann. Read more.
Brand Safety: Tools Will Drive Transparency
In his latest column, AdMonsters Chair, Rob Beeler explores the need for brand safety education happening at all levels. But education is not enough. "As fun as it is to joke about blocklists, if we’ve learned anything over the past few months, it’s time publishers stop complaining and laughing over brand safety horror stories. We need tools to get the transparency we need—and truly connect with our counterparts on the buy-side when it comes to brand safety," he says.  Read more.
How Deeper Audience Connections Drive Revenue
Kim Komanado is more than a radio talk show host broadcast nationally—she’s built a highly engaged virtual community that she keeps informed with newsletters, push notifications, social channels, and more. In this special webinar, AdMonsters Editorial Gavin Dunaway will discuss with Komando how she leverages her tight audience relationships to deliver highly relevant content and messaging through a variety of channels—and how she’s able to drive revenue while maintaining a quality user experience and respecting privacy concerns. Sign up now—it's free!
Top Stories
Gearing up to our upcoming webinar with Powerinbox—Multichannel Messaging Made Easy, where we'll dive into the key elements of a successful cross-platform messaging strategy, as well as what technology will bring it to life—we caught up with Powerinbox CEO, Jeff Kupietzky to talk about why marketers and publishers struggle with messaging and why they need a platform that targets users with personalized messaging across their preferred channels at the right time. Read more.
Current conditions are presenting publishers with a unique conundrum. There are huge traffic spikes offering an opportunity to super-size digital media monetization. But to harness it, they must first tackle the COVID-19 disruption to advertising budgets and their internal resources. We spoke with Ivan Ivanov, COO, PubGalaxy, about what publishers can do to balance ad ops in unstable times, especially when it comes to managing resources effectively. Read more.
In the wake of the ISBA Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study, there was immediate focus on who was most adversely affected, as well as the mysterious unknown delta. While these are interesting data points, MightyHive's Head of Media Activation, Rachel Adams, was taken aback by another issue—how difficult it was for the data to be accessed in the first place. Here she shares some thought starters for publishers and platforms. Read more.
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