• Joan Abelardo

    Joan Abelardo

    Senior Counsel
  • Addy Atienza

    Addy Atienza

    VP, Programmatic Revenue & Operations, Streaming TV
  • Sandra Baez

    Sandra Baez

    VP of Operations
  • Paul Bannister

    Paul Bannister

    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Justin Barton

    Justin Barton

    Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy & Partnerships
  • Glenda Bautista-Baker

    Glenda Bautista-Baker

    Senior Director, Product
  • Leslie Black

    Leslie Black

  • Laura Boodram

    Laura Boodram

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Charles Cantu

    Charles Cantu

  • Melissa Chapman

    Melissa Chapman

  • Ryan Chong

    Ryan Chong

    Senior Director of Ad Operations
  • Yale Cohen

    Yale Cohen

    EVP, Global Digital Standards
  • Jerome Dangu

    Jerome Dangu

    Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
  • John Delvito

    John Delvito

    Senior Manager, Yield, Ad Ops, Programmatic
  • Vanessa Eng

    Vanessa Eng

    VP Programmatic Revenue Strategy & Operations
  • Miles Fisher

    Miles Fisher

    Senior Director of Ad Platforms & Growth Sales
  • Dr. Augustine Fou

    Dr. Augustine Fou

    Independent Ad Fraud Researcher
  • Seth Freudenburg

    Seth Freudenburg

    Vice President, Audience
  • Raef Godwin

    Raef Godwin

    VP of Revenue Operations
  • Lashawnda Goffin

    Lashawnda Goffin

  • Drew Goodrich

    Drew Goodrich

    Head of Programmatic Revenue & Partnerships
  • Brett Goverman

    Brett Goverman

    Associate VP, Data Strategy
  • Terri Gunnell

    Terri Gunnell

    EVP of Ad Tech, Products & Platforms
  • Shiv Gupta

    Shiv Gupta

  • Lacey Gutierrez

    Lacey Gutierrez

  • Amy He

    Amy He

    Industry Analyst Lead
  • Dylan Hightower

    Dylan Hightower

    VP, Advertising Operations
  • Nakesha Holley

    Nakesha Holley

    Media Strategy
  • Caroline Horner

    Caroline Horner

  • Reginald Hudson

    Reginald Hudson

    VP of Advertising Ops
  • Tom Jenen

    Tom Jenen

  • Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson

    CEO & Founder
  • Andrew Q. Kraft

    Andrew Q. Kraft

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Jessica B. Lee

    Jessica B. Lee

    Partner, Co-Chair, Privacy, Security & Data Innovations
  • Cathy Ma

    Cathy Ma

    VP of Audience Development
  • Louis-David	Mangin

    Louis-David Mangin

    CEO and Cofounder
  • Amanda Marandola

    Amanda Marandola

    VP, Data Partnerships
  • Sam Marc

    Sam Marc

    Senior Director, Addressable Solutions
  • Jesus Mascias

    Jesus Mascias

    Director, Product Management
  • Alex Mason

    Alex Mason

    VP, Programmatic Sales, Yield & Strategy
  • Stephanie Mazzamaro

    Stephanie Mazzamaro

    VP, Data Strategy and Operations, Advertising, Partnerships & Revenue
  • Ryan McConaghy

    Ryan McConaghy

    VP, Global Monetization Strategy
  • Susie Meehan McGinty

    Susie Meehan McGinty

  • Josef Najm

    Josef Najm

    Global Programmatic and Partnerships Lead
  • Dan Newberry

    Dan Newberry

    Vice President, Ad Tech & Operations
  • Brian O'Kelley

    Brian O'Kelley

    CEO and Co-Founder
  • Therran Oliphant

    Therran Oliphant

    SVP, Head of Data & Technology NA
  • Shachar Orren

    Shachar Orren

    Co-Founder & CMO
  • John Osborn

    John Osborn

    Co-Founder and CMO
  • Amie Owen

    Amie Owen

    US Head of Commerce
  • Tom Pachys

    Tom Pachys

    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Seema Patel

    Seema Patel

    Senior Vice President, Data Partnerships
  • Douglas Paul

    Douglas Paul

    Director of AdOps & AdTech
  • Shawn Pokorny

    Shawn Pokorny

    Director of Campaign Services
  • Michael Persaud

    Michael Persaud

    Head of Programmatic
  • Peter Prodromou

    Peter Prodromou

  • Christena Pyle

    Christena Pyle

    Chief Equity Officer
  • Markus Robinson

    Markus Robinson

    Senior Vice President of Product
  • Marika Roque

    Marika Roque

    Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Operating Officer
  • Dan Rua

    Dan Rua

  • Brenda Salce-Garcia

    Brenda Salce-Garcia

    Head of Customer Success at Madhive & Co-Founder of TechBae
  • Dante Simpson

    Dante Simpson

  • Melissa Sin

    Melissa Sin

    Head of Ad Tech & Monetization
  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

    SVP of Publisher Product
  • Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith

    SVP, Head of Creative & Branded Content Development
  • Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith

    Strategy Director
  • Amanda Steinmetz

    Amanda Steinmetz

    VP, Platforms
  • Mark Sturino

    Mark Sturino

    VP, Data and Analytics
  • Neil Sweeney

    Neil Sweeney

    CEO + Founder
  • Joey Trotz

    Joey Trotz

    Director, Privacy Sandbox
  • Katherine Tuluzova

    Katherine Tuluzova

    Executive Vice President, Americas
  • Greg Verdino

    Greg Verdino

    President & Founder
  • Tom Webster

    Tom Webster

  • Shoshana Wodinsky

    Shoshana Wodinsky

    Tech Reporter
  • William Won

    William Won

    Senior Director, Sales Operations
  • Dor Zaidenberg

    Dor Zaidenberg

    Director of Product - Monetization & Optimization
  • Bill Amstutz

    Bill Amstutz

  • Andrew Byrd

    Andrew Byrd

    Assistant Editor
  • Lynne d Johnson

    Lynne d Johnson

    Content Director
  • Yakira Young

    Yakira Young

    Content Manager