• Semande Agosa

    Director of Programmatic
  • Glenda Bautista-Baker

    Senior Director, Ad Products
  • Jason Bigler

    Director, Product Management
  • Joe Bonsignore

    Director of Advertising Sales
  • Alysia Borsa

    Chief Business Officer and President of Lifestyle
  • Mike Brooks

    SVP of Revenue & Marketing
  • Dan Buquicchio

    Director of Ads Operations & Revenue Strategy
  • John Byrne

  • Adam Carey

    Head of Advertising Operations
  • Heather Carver

    Senior Vice President of Accounts
  • James Chanter

    Senior Partner, DIrector
  • Julie Clark

    Global Head of Automation Sales
  • Brendan Cleary

    VP of Programmatic Sales & Ad Operations
  • Dennis Colón

    Head of Product & Strategy Media Division
  • Kerel Cooper

    Co-Founder / President of Advertising
  • Laura Correnti

  • Lin Dai

    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Robert John Davis

    Head of Digital, USA
  • Morgan DeBaun

    CEO and Founder
  • Nate Dietz

    Technical Sales Lead
  • Greg Dool

    Senior Editor
  • Michael Dorf

    Vice President, Revenue Operations
  • Dvir Doron

    GM, North America
  • Jeremy Elias

    Creative Director
  • Marc Fenty

    VP, Director of OOH
  • Lucie Fink

    Video Producer & Lifestyle Host
  • Aaron Fulmer

    Co-Director of Broadcast Engineering
  • Chris Garcia

    Vice President, Ad Operations
  • Ken Gibbs

    Vice President of Digital Video & Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Matt Gillis

  • Gareth Glaser

  • Benjamin Hansz

    VP, Strategy
  • Layne Harris

    SVP, Creative Innovation & Technology
  • Josh Herman

    SVP, Data Products
  • Jim Hirshfield

    Head of Sales, US
  • Les Hollander

    Global Head of Audio & Podcast Monetization
  • Michaela Holland

    Experience Producer + Immersive Storyteller
  • Josh Horowitz

    Founder and CEO
  • Peter Horstmann

    VP Business Intelligence
  • Sarah Innocenzi

    GM, Publisher Services
  • Jaan Janes

    Regional VP, Customer Success
  • Chris Kane

    Founder and President
  • Frank Kavilanz

    SVP, Social Strategy and Solutions, Ignite, WarnerMedia Ad Sales
  • Oleg Korenfeld

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Jessica Kosturko

    Senior Manager, News Product Engineering
    New York Times
  • Adam Krasner

    Talent Manager & CEO
  • Kyle Krueger

    SVP Media
  • David Krulewich

    SVP, Head of Programmatic Sales
  • Anthony Laurenzo

    Regional Sales Manager - Advanced TV
  • David Leviev

    VP - Programmatic Product Development
  • Jeremy Lockhorn

    Marketing, Strategy, Emerging Technology & Innovation Consultant
  • Amanda Lordy

    Managing Director Digital Content
  • Joseph Lospalluto

    EVP, Americas
  • Greg Lubetkin

    Executive Director of Sales Operations
  • Lisa Macaulay

    Senior Manager, Precision Marketing
  • Kia Marie

  • Amanda Martin

    SVP, Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships
  • Sean McCaffrey

    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • James McDermott

  • Mariam Melikadze

    Senior Manager, Advertising Analytics
    New York Times
  • Jonathan Mendez

    Partner, Products & Data
  • Scott Messer

    SVP, Media
  • Ranard Miller

    Senior Campaign Manager
  • Christopher Moore

    Director of Business Development
  • Miguel Morales

    CTO and Co-Founder
  • Luke Mulks

    Head of Advertising
  • Steve Mummey

    VP of Programmatic Sales and Operations
  • John Murphy

    Chief Quality Officer
  • Derek Nicol

    VP, Advertising Technology
  • Raymundo Olivo

    Vice President, Data Architecture
  • John Osborn

    Co-Founder and CMO
  • Mike O'Sullivan

    VP of Product, Identity and Data
  • Haley Paas

    SVP, Head of Strategy & Insights
  • Megan Pagliuca

    Chief Data Officer
  • Chris Park

    Director, Revenue Operations
  • Christy Pregont

    Partner and Executive Creative Director
  • Kate Reinmiller

    Co-Founder and CRO
  • Lina Renzina

    Talent Relations and Partnership Manager
  • Erik Requidan

    Co-Founder / CEO and Founder
  • Wade Rifkin

    SVP, Programmatic
  • Michael Rivera

    Director, Content + Strategy
  • Brett Robinson

    Vice President, Ad Operations
  • Justin Rosen

    VP, Data and Research
  • Dan Rua

  • Rachael Savage

    VP, Global Head of Ad Operations, Programmatic & Platforms
  • Chip Schenck

    SVP of Data and Programmatic Solutions
  • Bunker Sessions

    VP, AdBridge for Sellers
  • Larry Shender

    Manager of Programmatic
  • Katya Shkolnik

    Head of Partnerships
  • Bryan Simkins

    SVP Americas Technology and Activation Group
  • Sarah Sluis

    Managing Editor
  • Alexandra Smith

    Prebid.org Chairwoman & Product Manager
  • Brad Sockloff

    SVP, eCommerce
  • Jim Spanfeller

  • Eliya Stein

    Sr. Security Engineer
  • Joshua Lee Storch

    Sr. Director Email & Data Operations
  • Paul Sundue

    VP & Creative Director
  • Neil Sweeney

    CEO + Founder
  • Brian Verne

    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Ratko Vidakovic

    Founder and Principal
  • Neil Vogel

  • Connie Walsh

    Senior Director, Advertising Operations
  • Monique Watford

    Vice President, Operations
  • Rick Welch

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Caysey Welton

    Content Director
  • Jason White

    SVP, Head of Publishers
  • Lauren Wiseman

    Senior Director, OTT & Programmer Partnerships
  • William Won

    Senior Director, Sales Operations
  • Erin Yasgar

    VP/Practice Lead: Marketer and Agency Strategy
  • Julian Zilberbrand

    Executive Vice President, Advanced Media
  • Rob Beeler

    Founder & CEO
  • Gavin Dunaway

    Product Marketing Lead
  • Lynne d Johnson

    Content Director