• Semande Agosa

    Director of Programmatic
  • Glenda Bautista-Baker

    Senior Director, Ad Products
  • Jason Bigler

    Director, Product Management
  • Joe Bonsignore

    Director of Advertising Sales
  • Alysia Borsa

    Chief Marketing and Data Officer
  • Mike Brooks

    SVP of Revenue
  • Dan Buquicchio

    Director of Ads Operations & Revenue Strategy
  • John Byrne

  • Adam Carey

    Head of Advertising Operations
  • Heather Carver

    SVP, Seller Accounts
  • James Chanter

    Senior Partner, DIrector
  • Julie Clark

    Global Head of Automation Sales
  • Brendan Cleary

    VP of Programmatic Sales & Ad Operations
  • Dennis Colon

    VP, Ad Ops & Strategy
  • Kerel Cooper

    SVP, Global Marketing
  • Laura Correnti

  • Lin Dai

    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Robert John Davis

    Head of Digital, USA
  • Morgan DeBaun

    CEO and Founder
  • Nate Dietz

    Technical Sales Lead
  • Greg Dool

    Senior Editor
  • Michael Dorf

    Vice President, Revenue Operations
  • Dvir Doron

    GM, North America
  • Jeremy Elias

    Creative Director
  • Marc Fenty

    VP, Director of OOH
  • Lucie Fink

    Video Producer & Lifestyle Host
  • Aaron Fulmer

    Co-Director of Broadcast Engineering
  • Chris Garcia

    Vice President, Ad Operations
  • Ken Gibbs

    Vice President of Digital Video & Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Matt Gillis

  • Gareth Glaser

  • Benjamin Hansz

    VP, Strategy
  • Layne Harris

    SVP, Creative Innovation & Technology
  • Josh Herman

    SVP, Data Products
  • Jim Hirshfield

    Head of Sales, US
  • Les Hollander

    Global Head of Audio & Podcast Monetization
  • Michaela Holland

    Experience Producer + Immersive Storyteller
  • Josh Horowitz

    Founder and CEO
  • Peter Horstmann

    VP Business Intelligence
  • Sarah Innocenzi

    GM, Publisher Services
  • Jaan Janes

    Regional VP, Customer Success
  • Chris Kane

  • Frank Kavilanz

    SVP, Social Strategy and Solutions, Ignite, WarnerMedia Ad Sales
  • Oleg Korenfeld

    Global Chief Platforms Officer
  • Jessica Kosturko

    Senior Manager, News Product Engineering
    New York Times
  • Adam Krasner

    Talent Manager & CEO
  • Kyle Krueger

    SVP Media
  • David Krulewich

    SVP, Head of Programmatic Sales
  • Anthony Laurenzo

    Regional Sales Manager - Advanced TV
  • David Leviev

    VP - Programmatic Product Development
  • Jeremy Lockhorn

    Marketing, Strategy, Emerging Technology & Innovation Consultant
  • Amanda Lordy

    Managing Director Digital Content
  • Joseph Lospalluto

    EVP, Americas
  • Greg Lubetkin

    Executive Director of Sales Operations
  • Lisa Macaulay

    Senior Manager, Precision Marketing
  • Kia Marie

  • Amanda Martin

    VP of Enterprise Partnerships
  • Sean McCaffrey

    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • James McDermott

  • Mariam Melikadze

    Senior Manager, Advertising Analytics
    New York Times
  • Jonathan Mendez

    Partner, Products & Data
  • Scott Messer

    SVP, Media
  • Ranard Miller

    Senior Campaign Manager
  • Christopher Moore

    Director of Business Development
  • Miguel Morales

    CTO and Co-Founder
  • Luke Mulks

    Head of Advertising
  • Steve Mummey

    VP of Programmatic Sales and Operations
  • John Murphy

    Chief Quality Officer
  • Derek Nicol

    VP, Advertising Technology
  • Raymundo Olivo

    Director Programmatic Strategy and Operations
  • John Osborn

    Co-Founder and Business Development Lead
  • Mike O'Sullivan

    VP of Product, Identity and Data
  • Haley Paas

    SVP, Head of Strategy & Insights
  • Megan Pagliuca

    Chief Data Officer
  • Chris Park

    Director, Revenue Operations
  • Christy Pregont

    Partner and Executive Creative Director
  • Kate Reinmiller

    Co-Founder and CRO
  • Lina Renzina

    Talent Relations and Partnership Manager
  • Erik Requidan

    Vice President of Sales and Programmatic Strategy
  • Wade Rifkin

    SVP, Programmatic
  • Michael Rivera

    Director, Content + Strategy
  • Brett Robinson

    Vice President, Ad Operations
  • Justin Rosen

    VP, Data and Research
  • Dan Rua

  • Rachael Savage

    Executive Director, Ad Operations
  • Chip Schenck

    SVP of Data and Programmatic Solutions
  • Bunker Sessions

    VP, AdBridge for Sellers
  • Larry Shender

    Manager of Programmatic
  • Katya Shkolnik

    Head of Partnerships
  • Bryan Simkins

    SVP Americas Technology and Activation Group
  • Sarah Sluis

    Senior Editor
  • Alexandra Smith

    Prebid.org Chairwoman & Product Manager
  • Brad Sockloff

    SVP, eCommerce
  • Jim Spanfeller

  • Eliya Stein

    Sr. Security Engineer
  • Joshua Lee Storch

    Sr. Director Email & Data Operations
  • Paul Sundue

    VP & Creative Director
  • Neil Sweeney

    Founder and CEO
  • Brian Verne

    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Ratko Vidakovic

    Founder and Principal
  • Neil Vogel

  • Connie Walsh

    Senior Director, Advertising Operations
  • Monique Watford

    Executive Director, Revenue Delivery
  • Rick Welch

    Head of Programmatic Advertising
  • Caysey Welton

    Content Director
  • Jason White

    SVP & GM of Global Programmatic Revenue & Partnerships
  • Lauren Wiseman

    Senior Director, OTT & Programmer Partnerships
  • William Won

    Director, Concert Marketplace Revenue
    Vox Media
  • Erin Yasgar

    VP/Practice Lead: Marketer and Agency Strategy
  • Julian Zilberbrand

    Executive Vice President, Advanced Media
  • Rob Beeler

  • Gavin Dunaway

    Editorial Director
  • Lynne D Johnson

    Senior Editor
James Chanter

James Chanter

Senior Partner, DIrector

James Chanter brings more than 10 years of media management experience in both the U.S. and the U.K. to his role as senior partner at GroupM-backed media agency m/SIX.

At a time when many media agencies are looking wobbly, 31-year-old James has helped lead GroupM-backed m/SIX North America to three straight years of triple-digit growth. A British import who joined the firm’s New York office as the 13th employee, James has carved out a unique role spanning new business, client management and overall agency strategy. He’s also m/SIX’s resident thought leader, regularly penning articles for outlets like Ad Age, Adweek and The Drum, speaking at industry events and providing commentary on items in the news.

James excels in helping clients move from marketing at consumers to creating programming for consumers that they actively choose to engage with.

Speaking at

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