March 21, 2024
A Privacy-Focused Ecosystem With Diminished Data Quality: Insights From IAB State of Data Report 2024
The IAB releases its State of Data Report every year to understand how the industry is tackling data evolution. This year's study reveals that the digital advertising industry has acknowledged the lasting impact of data privacy changes and signal loss, but these have magnified measurement and addressability issues.  Read more.
Will the EU AI Data Act Spur Federal Action in the US?
The EU AI Act is the world's first comprehensive law regulating AI, and lawmakers in the European Parliament expect implementation by the end of the year. The law adopts a horizontal, risk-based approach applicable across various AI development sectors. Read more.
LinkedIn Live: Uncovering Privacy Sandbox w/ James Rosewell
Join us Tuesday, March 26 at 12 PM ET for a LinkedIn Live with James Rosewell cofounder of a pivotal organization at the intersection of publishing, advertising, and ad tech, as he shares his unique perspective on Privacy Sandbox. Tune in on Tuesday to hear from our Ops Keynote about why AdMonsters Ops is the perfect two-day event for you to hone your privacy compliant strategies. Register now!
Top Stories
To say that Reddit's IPO is causing a stir is an understatement. Part of that excitement is due to generative AI. Google and other AI companies are just itching to get their hands on Reddit's vast pool of user-generated content to train its models. Read more.
Last month, SHE Media and Colossus SSP announced a partnership that would further both companies’ commitments to serving women and other diverse audiences. According to ComScore Media Metrix, SHE Media reaches over 74 million users per month. The partnership with Colossus SSP will allow Colossus SSP’s advertisers access to this audience and further the company’s mission to champion underserved voices.  Read more.
You all know about the back and forth this past month that started with the extensive report the IAB Tech Lab released criticizing Google’s Privacy Sandbox. Though in all the summaries and hot-takes, video still hasn’t been getting enough attention and it’s an area that needs the most work ahead of the Q3 deadline. Read more.
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