February 15, 2024
Well Actually, Revenue and Content Diversification Are Essential for Publisher Survival
At the end of last year, The Guardian US launched a new health and wellness vertical, "Well Actually," to increase engagement with its existing audience rather than focus on growing its audience size further. To do this, they are broadening their content offerings in the US to provide more reasons for readers to visit frequently. Read more.
5 Ways Publishers Can Actually Use AI
We’re living in the era of the AI gold rush in advertising. Every tech company will claim to be using AI in its solutions. Every publisher and advertiser will be curious about AI — but also wary of snake oil salesmen in an industry infamous for a lack of transparency. Shay Brog, CEO, Burt Intelligence, shares five ways publishers can actually use AI to drive user engagement and traffic while simplifying operations. Read more.
LinkedIn Live: #PublisherPOV Leveraging the Power of AI
Join us live on Tuesday, February 20 at 1 PM ET, for an exclusive LinkedIn Live session featuring one of our PubForum Austin keynotes, Burhan Hamid, SVP, Data, Product, Engineering at TIME. He will chat with our Content Manager, Yakira Young, so you can get a glimpse of the insights and innovative AI strategies that will be fully unveiled at our conference. Whether you're already registered or considering attending, this Live will solidify why this event is a must-attend. Register now!
Top Stories
The IAB Tech Lab issued a report expressing significant concerns about Google's Privacy Sandbox. To some in the industry, such as Uri Lichter, CEO at Intango, the problem is that the notion of third-party cookies is too broad. The industry needs to come together to develop a new class of cookies that help the advertising business function properly and ones that browsers don't ban. Read more.
According to ESPN, Super Bowl LVIII averaged around 123.4 million viewers, and advertisers pay top dollar to feature their ads during the Super Bowl every year because they know they will reach a large audience. But the real question is, who took the advertising crown? According to AdImpact's viewership data and day-after advertising analysis, certain categories remained popular, such as beer and sports betting commercials remaining popular.   Read more.
The digital industry is now familiar with AI-driven technology because it delivers value in data analysis and ad targeting. But the focus today is on AI's potential to transform creative functions. In particular, brands should look closely at how AI can enable highly relevant, customized creative at scale. This is the next logical step in using AI in digital audio advertising. Read more.
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