February 1, 2024
90% of U.S. Publishers Neglected Data Compliance
As privacy ethics continue to take center stage, data compliance is crucial for every ad tech stakeholder to monitor risk and maintain brand integrity. Data compliance is a legal necessity for publishers, so they must remain current on measuring compliance practices. The 'U.S. Publisher Compliance Index - 2023 Report' utilizes Compliant's proprietary Publisher Compliance Index (PCI) to reveal insights into data compliance risks within U.S. publisher inventory.  Read more.
Ad Tech Providers Respond to Consumer Malcontent with the State of Streaming
AdMonsters reported on consumers' perceptions of TV streaming, and they cited many issues of concern, including seeing ads when they pay for subscriptions and the need to subscribe to multiple services. We asked multiple people who are providing advertising support to streaming providers about CTV advertising to respond to their concerns. Read more.
#AwardsSZN: Top Women in Media & Ad Tech
It's officially #AwardsSzn, and we're excited to honor the amazing women of media & ad tech. Annually, we honor an elite group of women who are doing inspiring work across all corners of the ad tech and digital media industry. Honorees will be recognized at the Awards Gala on June 3, receiving industry-wide coverage and recognition in both AdMonsters and AdExchanger sites. Early rate deadline is Feb 15 and final deadline is February 29. Nominate Now!
Top Stories
As data privacy remains a crucial focus in ad tech, upcoming concerns for 2024 include the enforcement of state laws like Washington's My Health Data Act, the exploration of PETs to navigate restrictions on sensitive data, potential shifts in business models to secure opt-in consent, and the need for companies to prepare for audits, assessments, and accountability amid a lack of federal privacy regulations. Read more.
AI technology is evolving much faster than regulation can control. But regulators like Italy's Data Protection Authority are working to ensure we can all reap AI's benefits while complying with data ethics. Amid their lawsuit against the NYT, OpenAI faces privacy scrutiny in Europe after a multi-month investigation into ChatGPT’s data collection methods. Read more.
Brands gauge attention metrics through various parameters such as viewability, creative size, interaction, ad position, time of day, publisher or program, audibility, page clutter, device frequency, and eye tracking. We spoke with Yannis Dosios, Integral Ad Science's CCO, to understand why attention metrics is the new hot commodity, the development of IAS' Quality Attention Product, and how they plan to future-proof the tech.  Read more.
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