January 25, 2024
In 2024, the Retail Media Revolution Is Here
Data is at the heart of the retail media revolution — not as cold numbers but as the lifeblood of personalized experiences. Every swipe, click, and step tells a story, guiding brands to create not just campaigns, but connections. This approach will propel marketing strategies that resonate, ensuring that product offerings, promotions, and interactions are not just relevant, but compellingly engaging. Read more.
Streaming Companies Have a PR Problem
When Amazon Prime announced at the beginning of the year that its subscribers would need to pay an extra $2.99 to continue an ad-free experience, consumers began grumbling earnestly about ever-increasing subscription costs. It's worth exploring their complaints so everyone with a stake in the CTV industry can address them head-on. Streaming companies have a PR problem, and they need to explain to consumers how advertising helps them overcome challenges and ultimately feed the content-creation process. Read more.
PubForum Speakers Announced: Meet Your Faculty
Alongside our TIME keynote, Burhan Hamid, SVP, Data, Product, Engineering, we have a slew of speakers coming to PubForum Austin that will ensure you leave as more informed ad and rev ops professionals. We have speakers from Vox Media, The Guardian US, Yahoo, and more who will school you on CTV, audience activation, and AI. Are you ready to meet PubForum Austin's premier ad tech faculty? You will want to take advantage of it. Register now!  
Top Stories
The Big G is updating the warning on Chrome's Incognito Mode to inform consumers that they and other websites can still track digital users even in private mode. It directly addresses one of the major complaints in the class action lawsuit, which accused Google of not making it explicitly clear that Google collects data from users in private mode.  Read more.
Will CTV pick the next president? To win in 2024, political advertisers must prepare to rethink decades' worth of proven strategies while maximizing their data assets to take advantage of the television's fast-evolving, advanced targeting capabilities. Read more.
A recent study, by data compliance tech company, Compliant,  revealed that 90% of publishers shared consumer data with third parties without consent. It's high time publishers and ad tech companies prioritize consumer privacy. These stats reveal there's more work to do, despite some efforts towards privacy compliance. Read more.
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