January 18, 2024
The FTC’s Push for Privacy: Setting the Stage for Federal Regulation and AI's Future
A recent study, by data compliance tech company, Compliant,  revealed that 90% of publishers shared consumer data with third parties without consent. It's high time publishers and ad tech companies prioritize consumer privacy. These stats reveal there's more work to do, despite some efforts towards privacy compliance. Read more.
Streaming Into the Future: CTV Predictions of 2024
Some see sports as linear's saving grace, but with live sports more prevalent than ever on CTV, only time will tell if linear has a lasting impact. ComScore's annual State of Streaming report shows that the number of CTV hours per household has increased by 21%. Numbers are only expected to go up from here, but what are some trends we will see in 2024 and beyond? Read more.
PubForum Keynote Announcement: Priyanka Arya
SVP, Consumer Revenue, Vox Media 
Establishing community and loyalty with audiences is critical for driving revenue growth and diversification. Publishers can achieve long-term revenue goals by creating new revenue streams around unique offerings that their audiences want. Hear how Vox Media leveraged their loyal audience to build a robust subscription and newsletter business for its podcast network and leading editorial brands including New York Magazine, Vox, and SB Nation. Register Now!
Top Stories
Prohaska teamed up with Advertiser Perceptions and surveyed 110 US advertisers, publishers and ad tech professionals in November 2023 to learn more about industry practices behind supporting quality news advertising while also fighting disinformation. The Supporting Quality News Content:A Look at Advertisers, Publishers and Ad Tech Professionals revealed some eye-opening findings. Read more.
Will CTV pick the next president? To win in 2024, political advertisers must prepare to rethink decades' worth of proven strategies while maximizing their data assets to take advantage of the television's fast-evolving, advanced targeting capabilities. Read more.
In 2023, Generative AI was the new kid on the block, and everyone wanted to see what all the hype was about. Yet, as Jeremy Haft, Chief Revenue Officer, Digital Remedy, said, “2024 marks a pivotal year as the buzz surrounding Generative AI transforms into tangible actions within the advertising industry.”  Read more.
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