November 1, 2023
The State of Digital Identity: A Long Road Ahead, But Industry Thrives Through Innovation
Approximately four years have elapsed since Google sent shockwaves throughout the advertising sector by revealing its intention to phase out third-party cookies. Now, the industry is prepared for the incoming industry evolution. Read more.
It’s the 10 CTV Commandments, What?
As AdMonsters' Content Director, Lynne d Johnson, preps for her upcoming keynote chat with AdTechGod about the future of CTV on November 6, 2023, at Publisher Forum New Orleans, she decided to feed some ideas into ChatGPT to figure out what they might chat about. She decided to turn it into a little fun experiment that might lead to some best practices and ended up creating these 10 CTV Commandments. Read more.
Oh, the People You'll Meet in New Orleans
Publisher Forum is hitting the streets of New Orleans, and it's your chance to join the coolest squad of ad ops, rev ops, and programmatic pros from the crème de la crème of digital publishing. Dive deep into curated sessions and scoop up golden nuggets of wisdom from your peers. It's three days of endless connections, heaps of learnings, and a sprinkle of NOLA magic! See who's coming.
Top Stories
Today, we are battling a new scourge: overtourism. Social media is turning people into bad tourists. How should brands step up to help resolve this challenge? Read more.
Carbon Intelligence Platform Cedara recently announced the launch of its Reduction Marketplace to make an immediate impact on sustainability efforts in digital advertising, particularly as the industry works toward a Net Zero Carbon Emissions goal.  Read more.
CTV consumption skyrocketed in 2020, and the growth is not slowing anytime soon. CTV publishers and advertisers have mined these growing audiences like a gold mine with much success. Although not all that glitters is gold, the CTV mine stores a few pieces of fool's gold.  Read more.
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