August 11, 2023
Musings on the Bloated Supply Chain
All of the bloat in the supply chain has been caused by a lack of understanding that the internet and any website is an ecosystem.  We have been building the web ecosystem in silos not realizing that when we make changes in one place it has an impact on the others.  Read more.
Building Trust: Booming Digital Audio Ad Industry Meets Media Quality Challenges
Digital audio advertising has evolved from a niche space into a booming marketplace. And yet, it remains an underutilized channel for marketers, ripe with opportunities to reach engaged audiences in an almost unlimited range of environments. As digital audio matures, stakeholders proactively address risks, making it a vital choice for brands and campaigns. Read more.
What Are Made for Advertising (MFA) Sites and Why Are They a Scourge on Ad Tech and Sustainability?
Made For Advertising (MFA) sites are becoming more of a problem for the ad tech industry as they increase in prevalence. Currently, MFA sites account for at least one in five online impressions, consuming 15% of global programmatic ad spend and generating 26% more carbon waste than legitimate publisher sites. Read more.
Top Stories
Earlier this year, Emodo surveyed advertisers and publishers about their top concerns. Predictably, the economy, the growth of attention metrics, and cookie deprecation are top worries for publishers. What is surprising is just how low supply path optimization (SPO) is on their priority list. Only 30% of publishers say it’s important for them. Despite less than a third of marketers ranking it high in priority, some see SPO as more of a concern for a buyer than a publisher. Read more.
“In today’s environment, it’s critical to differentiate in some way shape or form. The consolidation we’ve seen, and the rampant commoditization means publishers and tech platforms need to find a way to stand out,” advised David DiAngelo, Global Vice President of Marketplace Development at Emodo. He recommends the following best practices for surviving in the new open markets. Read more.
As publishers, we recognize the immense value of our content, and the concept of a conversational chatbot guiding users to explore and enhance their experiences with that amazing content is truly fascinating. But can publishers launch generative AI chatbots and sidestep the issues we read about daily, such as hallucinations, responses that aren't brand safe, and even jailbreaking? Read more.
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