June 2, 2023
Navigating the [Not so] Great Layoff
When the economy is strong and growing, outsourcing tasks and roles to skilled and experienced specialists enables publishers to expand their capacity and grow their operations quickly. During tighter cycles, publishers can ramp down their use and cost of working with an outsourced partner without worrying about rehiring risk or business continuity disruptions. Read more.
AdMonsters Playbook: How Bad Ads Affect Consumer Perception of Publishers
The scales have tipped, and programmatic has become more of a liability than an asset. Last year, Bloomberg News made headlines when it announced it was pulling the plug on open programmatic, citing bad ads and the impact they had on the reader’s experience. We surveyed 250 consumers about the impact of a “bad” advertisement on their perceptions of a website or app. Then we talked to publishers to hear their reactions to the data, and also learn some pro tips that we could pass on to our readers.  Download the playbook now!
Last Chance to Register for AdMonsters Ops — Don't Miss Out!
Don't miss out on your last chance to register for the largest gathering of digital media and ad tech professionals at AdMonsters Ops June 5-6, 2023. Join industry leaders and innovators for insightful sessions, networking opportunities, and in-depth discussions about the latest trends in ad operations and ad tech. Whether you're a publisher, advertiser, agency, or tech provider, AdMonsters Ops is the must-attend conference of the year. Register now before it's too late! more.
Top Stories
The identity conversation is loaded with BS because everyone talks about it like they know what the future holds. Worse, they’re presenting solutions based on what they “know," writes Shiv Gupta, Founder, U of Digital. In reality, nobody knows what a post-identity world will actually look like because that world is still largely hypothetical. And because there is no “right” answer to what the world will look like, there are gazillions of “answers” masquerading as solutions! Read more.
As a veteran of the ad tech industry, Brian O’Kelley has seen many changes over the years and hopes to be at the forefront of the next big change that the industry, and indeed the world, needs – a way to do business that is good for both profit and planet. That’s part of what he’ll discuss in his keynote presentation at Admonsters Ops next month in New York City, titled “How Ad Tech Became an Environmental Nightmare and How We Can Solve it in 2023.” Read more.
Presently holding the esteemed position of VP of Programmatic Strategy and Analytics at NBCUniversal, Michelle Kim's rich heritage has given her the invaluable ability to adapt effortlessly in any given situation. Read more.
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