May 11, 2023
Emodo SSP Survey Says Marketers Crave Innovation
Supply Side Platforms are an integral part of the Real-Time Bidding process. They enable publishers to sell inventory at scale to fill available inventory and ensure they maximize the revenue from impressions.The status quo for SSP protocol is no longer working. According to a new survey from Emodo, marketers crave more innovation and keener targeting and measurement skills from SSPs. Read more.
AdMonsters Ops Keynote Mark Sturino: Leveraging AI for Media Buying and Selling
During his keynote, “How AI is Reshaping Media Buying and Selling,” at the AdMonsters Ops Conference, Mark Sturino, VP, Data and Analytics, Good Apple will share how media agencies and publishers can best incorporate AI to solve challenges from ad effectiveness and consumer engagement to brand safety and cross-device targeting. Read more.
Raptive and Google Dish About the Identity Solutions Coming To Change Everything 
Watch, listen, and learn as two tech titans discuss the promising identity solutions on the horizon as the big cookie crumble draws near. This session, and many more, are taking place on our Data & Identity stage. In this session, Raptive’s Chief Strategy Officer Paul Bannister and Google’s Privacy Sandbox Director, Joey Trotz will dig into the Protected Audiences API (formerly known as FLEDGE, and fully available any day now) as well the Topics API, measurement and approaches to first party data. Register Now!
Top Stories
With a career covering the gamut of every aspect of ad tech, Glenda Bautista-Baker, Senior Director of Product, PMC, is a shapeshifter of sorts. Whether it's the sales side, product, or data analytics, Glenda developed a  bird-eye view of the ecosystem. This experience has made her a unique problem-solver. In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, we spoke with Glenda about how she started her career, her new role at PMC, and AAPI representation in the industry. Read more.
TransUnion recently announced a partnership with Datavant, the industry’s most trusted health data connectivity solution. Datavant's irreversible, encrypted "tokens" will help TransUnion match de-identified patient demographic data with healthcare clients' first-party and licensed third-party data. We spoke with Michael Schoen, EVP of Marketing Solutions, TransUnion, about what the health ecosystem can expect and how this collaboration will affect healthcare publishers. Read more.
Buy-side, sell-side, and every other nook and cranny of the ad tech ecosystem raised alarm bells a few years ago when Google first announced the annihilation of the third-party tracking cookie. And ever since, the tech behemoth has continually delayed the cutoff date, with the latest now the midpoint of 2024. But that has not stopped publishers and advertisers from preparing for a post-cookie world, at least not most of them. Read more.
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