September 16, 2022
10 Hispanic/Latino American Professionals Doing Big Things in Ad Tech
During Hispanic Heritage Month, we recognize those who inspire others to succeed. In advertising technology, very few Hispanic/Latino people are running the show. Here at AdMonsters, we are fortunate enough to know a few who are striving in their professional roles daily and have been for years. Here are 10 Hispanic/Latino American ad tech professionals making their mark on the industry. Read more.
Why Direct-sold Programs Are a Publisher’s Answer to First-party Data Challenges
Direct-sold deals are an ideal alternative because they’re based on a publisher’s first-party data and enable targeting and measurement across the entire customer journey. Read more.
It's Back to School Szn: PubForum Nashville Agenda Announced
From big-picture keynotes to small group sessions about CTV, podcasting, Prebid, direct-sold, and more, we've got you covered for 3-days of peer learning and networking (plus, there's always lots of fun.) Tuesday Breakouts and Wednesday Workshops, are when publishers really dive deep — town hall-style — into topics facing the industry today. For Tuesday, we program session leaders and topics for you, but on Wednesday, it's when attendees get to nominate the topics most relevant to them and raise their hands to lead discussions. Register now!
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Environmental sustainability has become a global priority amongst many industries. With research on how our carbon footprint has affected the environment, everyone has begun to reassess how they can make their workflow more sustainable. A recent study by Sharethrough provides a substantial explanation of how the ad tech industry can improve its own CO2 emissions. Read more.
diDNA combines its industry expertise, high-quality demand, and technical expertise to offer a platform that enables publishers and ad tech vendors to scale their video monetization programs. Read more.
PPIDs are a unique identifier assigned by a publisher to a user. Publishers will share PPIDs with Google’s programmatic demand and this process will help them customize their ads and targeting. On the other hand, ESPs allow publishers to share encrypted first-party signals with buy-side platforms of their choosing. What are the differences between the two and how will they both benefit publishers in a privacy-first world? Read more.
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