January 15, 2022
How AI Will Drive the Future of Advertising
If you thought GDPR and CCPA added complexity to the digital advertising ecosystem, brace yourself: they were just the tip of the iceberg. Today, 69% of countries have adopted consumer data privacy legislation, and 10% have legislation under review. Only 5% of the world has no legislation whatsoever. Do these developments spell the end of digital advertising? Does that, in turn, mean the end of free, and low-cost content for everyday people? Fortunately, the answer is no. Read more.
5 Data Privacy Trends to Watch in 2022
Preparing for privacy regulations, along with the death of the third-party cookie (and other identifiers used in targeting individuals and measuring advertising) is still as colossal a challenge as it was two years ago. So, what's coming to the data and privacy landscape in 2022? Expect more state-led privacy legislation coming to the table, GDPR to kick it up a notch while privacy spans global, privacy ad tech to get a lot of shine, cookieless solutions to face the music, and global privacy controls to gain traction. And, RTB they're still coming for you. Read more.
The Future of CTV Is End-to-End
Companies that can forge a strong connection between the buy- and sell-sides are the ones that stand to win here. They can provide the most effective, efficient path forward for both parties to transact. The more holistic and advanced the offerings that ad tech partners can provide, the more efficient the results will be in terms of both ad performance and inventory monetization — all members of the ecosystem need to keep this in mind in the coming year. Read more.
Top Stories
In 2020, AdMonsters launched The Wrapper, featuring a curated selection of ad tech news and analysis. Our aim, with The Wrapper, is to summarize exciting news items that catch our eyes and link them to wider developments in digital media and advertising. And we also point you in the direction of great podcasts and compelling industry voices to follow on social media. Here's a look back at the Top 12 Wrapper issues of 2021. Read more.
Well, 2021 was another rollercoaster, wasn’t it? Filled with exciting wins but also internal shrieks (or outbursts, no judgment) of frustration, and the ad tech industry was no exception. As we countdown the last days of the year and the Omnicron variant attempts to make us nosedive into 2022, we’re not going out like that. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s resilience and mastery of the pivot. So allow us to reflect on some of this year’s ad tech trends, where they took a turn, and how we expect them to play out in the new year. Read more.
As 2021 comes to a close, it's time to reflect on the top trends that set the tone for digital media and ad tech throughout the year. From Chrome's on-again, off-again cookie cutoff to Apple's privacy updates to mass confusion surrounding developing solid first-party data and identity strategies to the rise of CTV, ad ops and ad tech people proved resilient. Many pubs and ad tech companies were able to rebound after the great ad spend slump, while others found that banding together was the best path forward. Here in the Best of AdMonsters 2021, we feature 10 best practices, explainers, op-eds, and feature stories that kept our audience clicking and reading all year. Read more.
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