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The Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Awards recognize, celebrate, inspire and bring together the women who are making an impact in the greater digital media and advertising technology community. The Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Awards spotlight exceptional women at every stage of their career. 

On June 3, 2024, AdExchanger and AdMonsters will present awards to the 2024 Top Women in Media and Ad Tech Honorees at the always fun and inspiring Top Women Awards Gala in New York City. 

2024 Categories

Brilliant Brand Marketers

Brand-side women in CMO or senior leadership who have spearheaded remarkable digital advertising strategies for their brand portfolio.


    Women who have successfully altered the course of their brands or the industry for the better in the last year. 

      Content Captivators

      Editors, communicators and content marketers whose content from the brand perspective has increased or driven brand engagement with their audience, customers, and/or readers.

        Data Demystifiers

        Women with expertise in data science or analytics, using their prowess to inform decision-making, prove out business cases or test new ideas.

          DEI Champions

          Women who’ve had an exceptional impact on diversity and inclusion in their teams, companies and the media industry as a whole.


            Women who’ve launched or rebuilt brands or companies and continue to work tirelessly towards their success.

              Magnanimous Mentors

              Women who’ve made an extraordinary effort and impact on the careers of their colleagues. Women who are sending the elevator back down!

                Privacy Powerhouses

                Women who are confidently steering their media brand's ship amidst the changing tides of privacy regulation. From privacy managers and compliance officers to corp counsel,  or business affairs, these are the women who are leading their company's data privacy, legal policies, and practices.

                  Programmatic Storytellers

                  From ad tech product to programmatic sales and ops, these women are expert translators who use marketing and content to simplify messaging and drive engagement, or use their sales mastery to make the programmatic case to their partners.

                    Tremendous Tech Marketers

                    A new category for women CMOs and heads of marketing in the ad tech industry who are taking their company’s B2B/SaaS marketing to the next level.

                      Tech Trailblazers

                      The tech-focused women who are creating and improving ad tech and media products. They break through walls of success in product and engineering--the most male-dominated sectors of the media and advertising industry. 

                        Up and Comers

                        Women in ad tech who are on the rise and making their mark within their first 10 years in the industry.

                          Entry Requirements

                          ENTRY DEADLINES & FEES

                          Early Rate Deadline: February 15, 2024 — $375 per initial entry, $250 per each copy of your entry submitted to additional categories.

                          Final Deadline: February 29, 2024 — $450 per initial entry, $275 per each copy of your entry submitted to additional categories.

                          ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

                          Nominees must meet the following criteria: 

                             a) Identify as a woman.

                             b) Work within the digital media or ad tech industry, including but not limited to: a media company, digital-only media company, brand, technology/SaaS company, marketing or advertising agency, association, or work as a consultant or other services-provider to the industry.


                          • Nominees may be nominated (and win) multiple times, in multiple years. Each year’s entries are judged discreetly. 
                          • Nominees are encouraged to submit their application in multiple categories. Each category is judged discreetly. 
                          • The program is open to national and international nominees. 
                          • The program is for women in digital media & ad tech at every stage of their careers! Please see category descriptions. 
                          • Self-nominations are welcome!

                          PREPARE YOUR ENTRIES

                          All nominations for Top Women in Media and Ad Tech must include a narrative outlining which category they are entering in, and detailing their specific accomplishments. Testimonials and other supporting materials. Here’s what you’ll need to include with each entry:

                          1. Nominator contact and company information (the point person for the nomination)

                          2. Nominee contact and company information (the person who is being nominated for an award)

                          3. Justification – Synopsis of why the nominee should win an award in that category.  Can include any specific traits and abilities that make this person stand out among peers and how this person’s influence extends beyond her company. (500 word max)

                          4. (3) Career Achievements – Please provide a description that includes 3 specific accomplishments and milestones achieved by the nominee that support both your justification and the category they’re being nominated for. (250 word max each)

                          5. Headshot of the nominee (Hi-res. No text or logos and no screenshots.)

                          6. Nominee short bio for promotion (1000 character max, written in third person)

                          7. OPTIONAL – Supporting documents (any supporting documents, videos, or URLs to support your entry)

                          HOW WILL HONOREES BE FEATURED?

                          Honorees will receive significant exposure and unparalleled recognition! Coverage of the 2024 Top Women in Media & Ad Tech will be extended aross AdMonsters and AdExchanger to their respective audiences via website coverage, (2) dedicated emails, across all brand newsletters (to a combined database of 200k+) and on all AdMonsters and AdExchanger social media channels. 

                          Additionally, Honorees are invited to attend the Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Gala in New York City on June 3, 2024 (Save the Date when you enter!). 

                          Honorees received discounted tickets and/or tables for their entire team, and are invited on stage to accept their award for a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. It’s a night to remember! 

                          Nominate Now

                          The Top Women Club: Notable Honorees

                          • Diane Alfano

                            former Chairman & CEO
                            Institutional Investor
                          • Megan Clarken

                          • Janelle F. Faulk

                            Global Head of Advertising Operations
                          • Lashawnda Goffin

                            Colossus SSP
                          • Bonnie Kintzer

                            President and CEO
                            Trusted Media Brands
                          • Beth Logan

                            Vice President, Data Science and Voice
                          • Yuling Ma

                            Chief Technology Officer
                          • Cathy Oh

                            Head of Marketing
                          • Rosie O'Meara

                            Chief Revenue Officer
                          • Cara Pratt

                            Senior Vice President
                            Kroger Precision Marketing
                          • Joy Profet

                            Global Head of Device Marketing and Operations, Freevee
                          • Latraviette Smith-Wilson

                            Chief Marketing & Equity Officer
                            Horizon Media
                          • Martha Stewart

                            Founder and Chief Creative Officer // Martha Stewart Living & Martha Stewart Weddings
                            Meredith Corporation
                          • Maria Taylor

                            Analyst, Host and Reporter
                          • Gayle Troberman

                            Chief Marketing Officer
                          • Lisa Utzschneider

                            Chief Executive Officer
                            Integral Ad Science


                          “I was honored to be recognized amongst such an amazing group of women in advertising and technology. When we put our minds to something, we can accomplish anything – the sky’s the limit! A program like this that brings women together to support other women helps continue to drive forward this message!”

                          – Isabel Rafferty, CEO and Founder, Canela Media


                          “It is always an honor to be recognized for your efforts within the media & ad tech space but more importantly it is extremely valuable to find yourself in a room with other accomplished women from our industry.  I’ve previously written about finding myself in the position of being the “only women in the room” but on the night of the awards I was overwhelmed by the powerful networking opportunity this event provides for women who are leading our industry forward.”

                          – Amanda Martin, SVP, Monetization & Business Strategy, Mediavine

                          “Recognition for my work was both humbling and encouraging. I greatly appreciated my work being recognized and valued in this way. The night of the event was inspiring; I loved spending the evening celebrating women paving the way. Awards like this help us spotlight, honor, and celebrate exceptional women trailblazing in our industry.”

                          – Femi Olu-Lafe, Partner, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Barclay’s

                          “Like many industries, adtech, and media have a predominance of men at the top, many of them outstanding leaders, but the number of women leaders in tech pales in comparison. I read that only 26% of all tech workers are women. That’s a shocking statistic, but there are real reasons for this, and I believe one of the best gifts we can give the next generation is to help close the gender gap. When an organization like AdMonsters and AdExchanger recognizes women, it’s not only motivational for the recipient, but it sends a broader message of inspiration to the next generation of women who are trying to build and navigate their careers in adtech. 

                          – Laura Gaffney, Chief Growth Officer, Growth Ventures


                          FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

                          🏆 CAN I WIN A 2024 TOP WOMEN IN MEDIA & AD TECH AWARD IF I WON IN A PRIOR YEAR?

                          YES! Nominees may be nominated (and win) multiple times, in multiple years. Each year’s entries are judged discreetly. 

                          🗳️🗳️CAN I SUBMIT A NOMINEE INTO TWO OR MORE CATEGORIES? 

                          ABSOLUTELY YES! In fact, nominees are encouraged to submit their application in multiple categories. Each category is judged discreetly and discounted pricing applies to your 2nd category and beyond. 


                          YES! The program is open to national and international nominees. We’ve had Top Women from all over the U.S., Canada, South America, EMEA, and APAC. Top Women know no geographical boundaries!


                          NO. The Top Women in Media & Ad Tech program honors rock star women at every stage of their careers! Please see category descriptions to determine where you or your nominee may fit best. We have Up & Comers for more junior stars, and we have categorys for executives and even C-suite nominees. 

                          🙋🏽‍♀️ CAN I NOMINATE MYSELF? 

                          HECK YES! Self-nominations are welcome. No one knows how hard you work better than YOU. 

                          👩🏽‍💻 ONLY WOMEN ARE ELIGIBLE TO BE NOMINATED? 

                          YES. We welcome all applicants who identify as a woman. We celebrate diversity in the workplace, and we’re here to celebrate the Top Women in the industry! 

                          🗓️ WHEN ARE THE HONOREES NOTIFIED? 

                          AdExchanger and AdMonsters will announce the 2024 Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Honorees in early May 2024. Specific timing will be announced to all nominees as judging wraps up.