May 9, 2024
TWIM 2024 Honoree Meredith Brace: Pioneering the Path to Data Inclusivity
Through our conversation with Meredith Brace, you'll learn how XR Extreme Reach sets itself apart by providing a holistic solution for ad delivery and data management, ensuring compliance through meticulous adherence to standards, and fostering inclusivity as a driver for better business outcomes.  Read more.
Kendrick Lamar and Drake Served Up a Side of Beef and The Creator Economy Eats Good
This past week, nothing caught the attention of the internet and social media quite like the beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Yet, one of the most curious pieces of news to develop relates to the creator economy. Both Lamar and Drake allegedly removed the copyright claims on their diss tracks allowing content creators to monetize videos that include those songs. Read more.
LinkedIn Live Rewind: Unpacking the Implications of CMA's Surveillance on Google's Privacy Sandbox
In a detailed discussion with AdMonsters' Yakira Young, James Rosewell, co-founder of Movement for an Open Web, discussed the nuances of the Competition and Markets Authority's (CMA) recent report and concerns regarding Google's Privacy Sandbox.  Read more.
Top Stories
With the death of cookies, the decline of MFA sites, and 96% of publishers depending on contextual targeting for their business, a paradigm switch is set to occur, placing more value, and power, to the publishers who create high-quality content. Read more.
With cookies eventually going away for good, SPO may never be the same. So where does that leave SPO and how will advertisers and suppliers work together again to retain the efficiency to which they’re accustomed? Read more.
Jaime Cardenas, CEO, AC&M Group, says that marketers must unite creativity and an engineering mindset to create authentic and nuanced campaigns. "Any campaign must resonate with the lived experience and shared values of the communities it is attempting to reach," he writes. Marketers must (and can) do better — it is time to unite the creativity our industry is known for with an engineering mindset to create authentic and nuanced campaigns. The first step is not only understanding which insights you are searching for, but how specifically to go about uncovering them. Read more.
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