March 14, 2024
35 Women Leaders in Ad Tech Share Insights for International Women’s Day 
The challenges women face in ad tech are universal, transcending specific roles or tenure in the industry. The future of ad tech is intertwined with the pursuit of diversity, as having manifold perspectives is essential for propelling this innovative industry to new heights. In honor of International Women’s Day, we gathered insights from 35 industry thought leaders to shed light on what it means to be a woman in ad tech.   Read more.
Privacy Sandbox: What's Wrong With Video?
You all know about the back and forth this past month that started with the extensive report the IAB Tech Lab released criticizing Google’s Privacy Sandbox. Though in all the summaries and hot-takes, video still hasn’t been getting enough attention and it’s an area that needs the most work ahead of the Q3 deadline. Read more.
AdMonsters Ops Keynotes Announced!
Admonsters Ops Keynotes Announced! AdMonsters Ops is back with a series of immersive educational content to elevate your expertise. Join us June 3-4 in NYC as the industry's digital strategists and media leaders come together for 1.5 days of ad and revenue ops content and peer-to-peer networking. We are excited to announce the first two all-star keynotes: Madeleine Want, VP, Data at Fanatics Betting & Gaming and co-author of Precisely: Working With Precision Systems in a World of Sata, and James Rosewell, Co-Founder, Movement for an Open Web. Register now!
Top Stories
The digital advertising landscape is undergoing a monumental shift towards privacy-first practices, underscored by the Privacy Sandbox initiative and the critical findings from the “IAB Tech Lab's Privacy Sandbox: Fit Gap Analysis for Digital Advertising." It paints a picture of an industry at a crossroads, facing the challenge of reimagining traditional targeting and measurement strategies to embrace innovation, collaboration, and adaptability. Read more.
Every country collects data on its citizens, including the number of household members, presence of children, household income and education levels, age, race, marital status, neighborhood characteristics, etc. This data can be useful to publishers who want to tell better stories about their readers and to marketers who want a cookie-free alternative to targeting. Read more.
Future Today's Vikrant Mathur and Jennifer D'Alessandro explore CTV’s untapped goldmine: co-viewing — family programming for marketers. Gone are the days of isolated viewing on tiny screens. Consumers are returning to their living rooms and indulging in the big-screen experience as a full-blown family affair. Read more.
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