December 14, 2023
LinkedIn Live Rewind: AdMonsters 2023 Recap W/ Chris Kane, Founder of Jounce Media
We dove headfirst into the hottest topics of this past year and peeked into the crystal ball for 2024, all in the company of the ever-insightful Chris Kane at our AdMonsters 2023 Recap LinkedIn Live. Read more.
What Is PAAPI (Protected Audience API)?
Alongside the Topics API and Attribution APIs, PAAPI is intended to preserve the ability of publishers to monetize Chrome users while simultaneously protecting those users from the perceived intrusiveness of the combined weight of the targeting capabilities of the existing advertising technology marketplace. Read more.
AdMonsters 2024 Events Calendar
AdMonsters' 2024 event calender is live. Get ready for more learning, peer-to-peer connections, and surprises for you during our 2024 conference season. Join us for Publisher Forums in Austin in the Spring, Boston in the Summer, and Scottsdale in the Fall. And don't forget Ops in June, where we bring together the buy-side, sell-side and all of ad tech under one roof. We'll also celebrate the Top Women in Media & Ad Tech at Ops. Read more.
Top Stories
At the recent United Nations panel, "Intersections Between Advertising and Human Rights," the speakers urged the advertising industry to consider how their data collection practices, privacy ethics, use of AI, and global influence can impact human rights positively or negatively. Read more.
A new CIMM + 4As report offers a methodological approach for assessing privacy liabilities, as well as established and emerging solutions to help TV advertisers launch privacy-compliant campaigns. Read more.
According to Whistleblower Aid, representing Dr. Donovan, in 2021, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative pledged $500 million over 15 years to found Kempner Institute for the Study of Natural and Artificial Intelligence at Harvard. It was the largest single contribution in the school's history. Both Chan and Zuckerberg attended Harvard. Read more.
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