December 7, 2023
The Hottest Ad Tech and Digital Media Topics Of 2023
Here at AdMonsters, we cover all things ad tech, and we wanted to present you some of the hottest ad tech and digital media topics of 2023. On Wednesday, December 13, at 2 pm EST, we will chat with Chris Kane, Founder of Jounce Media, to hear his hot takes on the big news that dropped in 2023 and any 2024 predictions he has for digital media.  Read more.
8 Digital Advertising Ecosystem Books You Should Read 
For an industry bent on standards, the digital advertising ecosystem is rife with drama, as a stunning collection of books published in 2023 amply demonstrates. These books are on our reading list because they’re far from dry chronicles of an industry. The authors pull back the curtains so that we can see the ambition and egos that have changed the nature of publishing and the world. Most of all, they promise to be great reads! Read more.
2023 EOY Ad Tech Recap W/ Chris Kane, Founder of Jounce Media — Live
Chris Kane, Founder of Jounce Media, will join our News Editor, Andrew Byrd, to recap the juiciest ad tech gossip of 2023 and predict how it will all play out next year. Are we prepared for a post-Chrome third-party cookie world? Have we gotten closer to fixing the complexity in the supply chain? Find out at our LinkedIn Live on Wednesday, December 13, at 2 pm EST. Register now!
Top Stories
A staggering $10 billion will pour into the political advertising arena during the 2024 Election cycle. Publishers must determine whether specific advertisers and promoters can be permitted to run ads on their sites and under which conditions, while simultaneously ensuring malicious actors are kept at bay. This Playbook, created in partnership with GeoEdge, provides a robust framework for an ad quality strategy, essential for setting up robust election advertising guidelines. Download your copy now!
Publishers around the world will lose $54 billion in ad revenue due to ad blocking in 2024, representing around 8% of total global ad spend. If not for ad-filtering tools that enable users to elect being shown only non-intrusive ads, those losses would be notably higher – about $116 billion. These are just some of the key takeaways from the latest Ad Filtering Report from eyeo. Read more.
It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year, and marketing strategies are heating up as paid media campaigns begin to feel the pinch of rising bid costs. This time is the opportune moment for brands to assess the performance of their existing campaigns and identify areas for improvement and optimization. Read more.
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