November 30, 2023
Addressing the Future: Publisher Perspectives on Data, Privacy, and the Road Ahead
During a panel titled "The Future of Addressability: The Portfolio View," Anthony Katsur, CEO of IAB Tech Lab, sat down with Shobha Doshi, SVP of Programmatic Strategy & Operations at Raptive, Ryan McConville EVP of Ad Platforms & Operations at NBCUniversal, and Mike Nuzzo, SVP of Hearst Data Solutions at Hearst Magazines. Each panelist outlined how they are approaching addressability today. Read more.
What Is the IAB’s Podcasting Buyer-Seller Checklist?
The idea to create the checklist first came up in an IAB Audio Committee meeting during which Brittany Clevenger, Senior Director of Audio Partnerships at top podcast advertiser BetterHelp, made a simple but powerful point about the need for information sharing within the podcast industry that became the checklist’s guiding principle. Read more.
CTV Connect: Impact. Targeting. Converged.
Next March, a digital media supergroup is coming to give you a must-attend conference. For the first time, AdExchanger, Cynopsis, AdMonsters, and Chief Marketer will join forces to accelerate the Connected TV discussion. We are bringing together all the CTV stakeholders at a first-of-its-kind summit to discuss key issues, address the challenges, and share ideas, insights, and solutions for bringing the power of digital advertising to the streaming TV world. Register now!
Top Stories
Digital media professionals understand that time and attention form some of the most valuable currency consumers can offer to a brand. Yet, amidst this awareness, numerous U.S. brand marketers overlook a realm abundant with attention: mobile gaming. We spoke with Josh Qualy of Digital Turbine to understand these data points and explored how advertisers and publishers can win the attention game.  Read more.
This January 15, people across Iowa will gather to caucus, officially kicking off the 2024 election cycle. Political campaigns and PACs are expected to pour $10 billion into political ads in an attempt to sway voter behavior. Much of that will be spent online. We already see troubling issues on the horizon — generative AI, deepfakes, fraud, a highly polarized electorate, distrust of media — and that publishers will need to consider and address.  Read more.
Publishers, SSPs, and DSPs need to work together to ensure all parties get what they need from one another. However, publishers often lament the lack of transparency and the slow evolution of SSPs. At Publisher Forum New Orleans, a DSP, an SSP, and a publisher all came together on one stage to share their vision for how their relationships and the industry can evolve.  Read more.
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