November 16, 2023
Industry Experts Weigh In On the MFA Scourge and Black Publishers' Concerns
After we published our article about Black-owned publishers’ concerns about being designated MFA sites, we spoke to some industry experts to understand how they define them, how to distinguish a bad site from a benign one, and to see if the industry’s standards label Black-owned publishers as MFA sites unfairly. Read more.
How Can Publishers Best Gauge User Intent and Sentiment? Ask Them.
A Q&A with Ravi Mittal, Founder and CEO of Vuukle, on how publishers can leverage quizzes to build audiences, collect first-party data, and drive engagement. The demise of the third-party cookie once sent waves of fear through the digital advertising ecosystem, but not anymore. That’s because, in the years that… Read more.
AdMonsters 2024 Events Calendar Annoucned
AdMonsters' 2024 event calender is live and the knowledge ahead is crucial for any ad ops and rev ops team. Get ready for more learning, peer-to-peer connections, and surprises for you during our 2024 conference season. Join us for Publisher Forums in Austin in the Spring, Boston in the Summer, and Scottsdale in the Fall. And don't forget Ops in June, where we bring together the buy-side, sell-side and all of ad tech under one roof. We'll also celebrate the Top Women in Media & Ad Tech at Ops. Learn more. 
Top Stories
The digital media and ad tech industry is in a unique position right now, as next year will bring about true privacy changes impacting core business models. At PubForum New Orleans, AdMonsters gathered a group of digital media executives for a roundtable discussion about the uncertainties facing the industry and how to navigate the winding landscape. Read more.
Long before MediaMath shut down, Mike Hauptman and Dan Bougourd were intrigued by the idea of building a meta DSP. They both joined MediaMath in the company’s early days, but by 2018, they were itching to bring programmatic advertising to the mid-market advertiser. Read more.
Marketers need to understand that multiculturalism influences and fuels mainstream marketing. Their messaging to diverse groups needs to be aligned with their mass market messaging. Brands also need culturally intelligent targeting solutions to connect authentically and meaningfully with their consumers.   Read more.
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