March 9, 2023
The Power of Perspective: PubForum Keynote Janelle Faulk talks Career Development, Diversity, & the Future of Data
Ahead of her keynote speech at AdMonsters' upcoming Publisher Forum in Miami, Fl., Faulk spoke with us about her career trajectory, valuable lessons she has learned over the years, and her thoughts on where the industry is headed.  Faulk began her career in digital media at Businessweek, working in ad operations, which allowed her a holistic view of the business and an opportunity to gain experience in various areas. Read more.
International Women’s Day: Women In Ad Tech Talk About the State of Gender Equality
According to Jessica Cortapasso, SVP of People, Digital Remedy, women are “seeking meaningful and sustainable progress toward gender equality and are not afraid to seek new avenues.” Whether they transition to a more inclusive company or branch out to start their own, professional women are fighting for the next generation of women. Read more.
Top Women Deadline March 16
Yesterday was International Women's Day, and social media was aflutter with tributes. But what's always better than words? ACTION! Here's an action that demonstrates your company's commitment to elevating women in the org: Nominate someone to the Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Awards, presented by AdMonsters + AdExchanger. Deadline to nominate is March 16. Recognition matters! Read more.
Top Stories
Crystal Foote, an award-winning marketing professional and entrepreneur, learned that two decades into her career. Foote recently launched two businesses, Digital Culture Group and ThePartyStarter, to target and uplift diverse audiences within the advertising and digital media industry. After years of trying to push DEI initiatives for others, she found the power to blaze her own path. Read more.
At RampUp 2023, "Stay on the Forefront of Privacy Legislation" was a session where Washington D.C.-based ad tech counsel and a VP at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shared their perspectives on what's happening right now and what the industry can do to streamline the process. One common denominator among the three session participants was that now was the time for one federal privacy law. Read more.
Programmatic podcast advertising is gaining market share, and more and more publishers are interested in integrating it within their monetization strategy, dramatically increasing revenue generation.  Old-school hosting platforms cannot trade programmatically, but now these efficiency features are available on the platforms that seriously invested in ad tech from the early days. Read more.
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