March 2, 2023
What Are IAB Tech Lab’s Data Clean Room Guidance and Interoperability Specifications?
A Data Clean Room is not just another ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) machine. And it needs to have specific capabilities that qualify a product or service as a Data Clean Room. The phrase stems from the industrial manufacturing facility concept, where a clean room was a controlled area to minimize contamination and maintain the integrity of the product. Read more.
For Fans, by Fans: Nish Patel, Founder of ClutchPoints, Launches HBCU Initiative
As ClutchPoints celebrates a decade, they launched a new initiative centered around HBCU sports coverage. HBCU student journalists and athletes will run the new vertical, allowing them to publish stories and curate content for video, social media, and podcasts. The students participating in the HBCU initiative will receive financial compensation, scholarship opportunities, and the potential to work for the company. Read more.
Honor the Women You Respect this Month: Top Women in Media and Ad Tech Awards 
March is Women’s History Month, and what better way to pay respect than by nominating a woman YOU respect for the Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Awards, presented by AdMonsters + AdExchanger. Today is the early deadline (March 2), but the call for entries is still open until March 16. Who are the women making history in your organization and professional circles? There’s still two weeks left to show them that you see their talent and all their hard work. Recognition matters! 
Top Stories
CEO by day, mommy and singer by day and night, Lashawda Goffin takes pride in being inclusive, not exclusive, with a people-first mentality. Goffin grew up singing in a church choir with notable gospel musician Hezakaih Walker, which was an experience that would build many skills — like confidence, concentration, and collaboration — that would help her to succeed later in life. A graduate of Temple University and a woman with a very well-rounded ad tech experience, Goffin shares her ad tech career and journey from beginning to end.  Read more.
Cooper and Requidan will bring their podcast to the Miami Publisher Forum for their keynote, “Minority Report Podcast: Developing a Leadership Career in Digital Media and Ad Tech.” During the live session, Cooper and Requidan will sit down with Chris Contreras, Chief Customer Officer, MNTN, to talk about his career that has spanned the sell side, buy side, social media, and ad tech, as well as leadership roles at startups.  Read more.
Programmatic display CPMs may be cents, but they bring few clicks and often zero conversions. Unfortunately, industry expectations don't seem to match this scenario. According to the Epom client survey, 71% of programmatic agencies prioritize performance over reach.  Are demand-side platforms to blame for underperforming traffic? Don't rush the verdict since the issue lies under the hood of the campaign itself. Instead of buying traffic resold by intermediaries at subpar CPA or CPC rates, agency-employed media buyers can tweak their CTR and conversion rates directly in the platform. Read more.
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