February 23, 2023
What’s Hot in Publishing and Ad Tech: An AdMonster’s Q&A with Scott Messer
The digital advertising business moves at such a fast clip that it’s difficult for anyone to keep up with emerging trends.  For this reason, AdMonsters sits down with thought leaders within the sector who are doing the work of pushing the envelope and innovating so that we can share their…Read more.
How Can Ad Ops and New Media Players Eliminate Inefficiencies?
We are seeing a trend of ad monetization driven by manual ad ops processes bleeding into various industries. Many ad ops processes utilized by new media players, including retail media networks, CTV, and streaming companies, are adaptations of legacy processes and workflows used by long-standing publishing and media brands. Read more.
Top Women Early Deadline Ends March 2
We're looking for the change-makers, innovators, and leaders in media and ad tech, from publishers to agencies to CTV to SaaS, and everything in-between. Let's shine a spolight on the contributions of women across all departments: advertising operations, marketing, content, sales, and more. Do you know a woman deserving of professional recognition. Honor her with a nomination.  
Top Stories
When Mark D. Walker, Co-Founder and CEO, Direct Digital Holdings, started in the media business in the 90s, he heard murmurings that the consumer landscape was evolving to become more ethnically diverse.  Black Americans drove culture and wielded immense spending power, birth rates for Hispanic Americans were rising, and LGBTQIA+ consumers were increasing in prominence. In Walker's mind, the logical next step was for marketers to allocate a significant portion of their budget to these multicultural demographics.  Read more.
A recent study showed that header bidding led to a 23% increase in fill rate and a 20% increase in average CPM. With these benefits and more, it's no wonder why header bidding has become a popular and essential tool for publishers looking to maximize their monetization potential. Read more.
We spoke with Mano Pillai, Chief Product Officer, LiveIntent, to give us a deep understanding of how the hashed email can replace third-party cookies. We discussed the LiveIntent platform that targets audiences in a cookieless environment, balancing revenue and data ethics, and more. Read more.
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