January 6, 2023
That’s So AdMonsters: 6 Ways We Predict Ad Tech and Digital Media Will Evolve in 2023
Reflection is essential to moving into the new year, and the ad tech industry has much to reflect on from 2022. From the ad spend slowdown to potential federal privacy regulations, the ecosystem must work in overdrive to prepare for all that 2023 has to offer. Here are AdMonsters 2023 ad tech predictions. Read more.
Ad Tech Professionals Predict CTV, TV, and Video Trends for 2023
When it comes to CTV (and media in general), 2022 was not only about the re-emergence of life post-pandemic but also about figuring out where audiences will migrate and how to reach them. It was all about subscriber growth, total reach, and big numbers. Now the conversation is shifting because the right questions were not being asked. Instead of asking, "Are we reaching enough people?" Read more.
Where Will Ad Tech Be 5 Years From Now?
At an AdMonsters PubForum in 2022, we asked about 10 groups of ad ops and rev ops professionals to put their best predictive analytical skills to work to identify which trends ad tech can look forward to five years from now. Here's what four of the groups came up with. Read more.
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Each PubForum, an exclusive publisher-only Think Tank comes together to discuss the most pressing issues in ad tech. In Nashville, the common consensus was that thriving through this tough period was dependent upon how you choose to reach your audience. Per the advice that has been touted through many industry changes this year, reaching the consumer and understanding their needs is of utmost importance. Read more.
As we wrap up 2022, we wanted to take a minute to reflect on the year as an AdMonsters community. It's the time of year when many of us will pause and take stock. At the heart of the professional education that AdMonsters strives to create for the community is content that propels your career forward, connections that expand your professional circle, and (for all our event-goers), a good dose of actual fun!  Read more.
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