Half Group Session A: Contextual/Behavioral Targeting and Optimization: Reaching the Audience that Matters

August 16, 2010—8:00 pm

Online advertising is no longer a game of who’s got the CPM, but of associating with websites that influence purchasing decisions. The days of “placing the right ad in the right place at the right time” are over. Now it’s about connecting marketers to the right content, to the influencers who create it, and to the audiences that passionately engage with it.

From an operational perspective, having an advertising platform that allows you to effectively connect your advertisers with the right audience is critical. With numerous data providers, tech service providers and ad servers on the market, building a scalable, affordable and effective platform can be a challenging endeavor. This session will share NetShelter Technology Media’s experience, insights and lessons learned in creating the optimal ad platform for our business.

As the Director of Advertising Operations and Client Services, Derek is responsible for the administration, development and operation of NetShelter Technology Media’s ad serving platform and ad products, as well as providing operational support to NetShelter’s 180+ Publisher partners. With over 13 years of interactive advertising experience, Derek has lead advertising operations, product management and product development for some of the Internet advertising industry’s top brands including DoubleClick, About.com, and Travelocity.