November 30, 2016 ad blocking ad specs Connect COPPA LEAN malvertising malware T&Cs third-party tag scanning user experience Gavin Dunaway

The prominence of revenue operations as a critical function within the digital media world has had its ups and downs.

While programmatic and other indirect channels have proven ops as a serious revenue center, it’s also forced the department into highly unfamiliar territory such as creative development and user experience. And this more prominent role attracts the interest of other groups across the organization such as legal, IT/security and privacy/risk.

AdMonsters has long noted that ops professionals are the gatekeepers at digital publishers when it comes to advertising—nothing gets on the page without their (sometimes forced) approval. However, the the digital advertising industry is at a unique intersection: publishers’ revenue teams are...

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November 29, 2016 3rd-party measurement C3 C7 Connect Connect grp linear video Gavin Dunaway

Many digital people hear terms like C3 and C7 and instinctively roll their eyes—“What’s that linear talk got to do with delivering video impressions to target audiences?”

But this overlooks how the freshness of content—say, how many people viewed said content within three days or a week of its release—plays into advertiser measurements of reach and frequency, particularly when it comes to new, unique audiences. 

If linear and digital truly are converging, there’s a fair deal the digital side can learn from linear, argues WideOrbit EVP of Engineering Will Offeman, starting off with the timeliness of the content ads are running with. Ultimately, this will pave the path toward a digital GRP and true unified campaign performance measurement between platforms. 


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November 28, 2016 Connect Connect connected TV linear OTT programmatic video TV VAST video Brian LaRue

Despite the wonders of screen proliferation, everyone—advertisers and publishers alike—wants to be on the TV screen. It’s big and captivating—the TV screen sucks people in and demands their attention in a way that no desktop or mobile device can. 

The rise of Connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) devices are fulfilling digital publisher dreams of reaching the promised land of the TV screen. But getting your content up on the tube is no cakewalk, and of course monetizing it leads to a whole other host of challenges.

However, the programmatic space offers some intriguing propositions for publishers venturing into the Wild West of Connected TV. We chatted up Alex Bornyakov, CEO and Cofounder of programmatic video specialist VertaMedia...

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November 11, 2016 Connect in-image mobile netseer Private Marketplaces visual web Gavin Dunaway

Look upon the pages of to see the woe mobile monetization has caused publishers. With 2016 likely marking the close of the mobile interstitial age, pubs are frantically searching for revenue opportunities. But prime ad inventory has been sitting, waiting to be discovered: images.

“We’re quickly becoming a mobile-first company in terms of revenue,” says Amir Bahkshaie, Head of Product for visual monetization specialist NetSeer. “On certain days this quarter we’re starting to see higher mobile revenue than desktop revenue.”

Whether complementing or serving as an alternative to display, mobile in-image advertising is...

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November 10, 2016 Connect data sync header bidding openx Private Marketplaces Programmatic Direct real-time guaranteed second-party data Gavin Dunaway

 Possibly the biggest reason header bidding is such a game-changer is because it gives demand sources insight into more—if not all—of a publisher’s inventory. This enables buyers to better evaluate inventory and bid more acutely in real-time buying environments. (If you feel a need to revisit the horrors of the waterfall, read here.)

This advancement has paved the way for real-time guaranteed (RTG), or what you might call the “hybrid option”: guaranteed display buys that are transacted in an RTB environment. It’s the best of both worlds: advertisers can target premium publisher inventory in real time based on data and publishers—and advertisers, honestly—know exactly how much spend is going through, which is something they can predict against.

At the last several AdMonsters events, we pondered what it would take to make RTG work at scale, but...

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