October 17, 2016 Audience Extension Connect marketing native Private Marketplaces Brian LaRue

Not terribly long ago, audience extension seemed like more of a pipe dream than a reality for publishers. Though retargeting has been around since the early days of http cookies, it’s only in the last five years or so that the technology has caught up with its promise, enabling publishers of all sorts and sizes (as well as advertisers and technology providers) to reap the rewards. 

So now that publishers are making audience extension work for their advertisers, why not also put that technology to work for internal initiatives? Pubs are already using on-site inventory and data targeting for their own marketing—think house ads and native content, for example. It’s easy to imagine pubs pushing house ads and content through existing programmatic pipes and across third-...

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October 6, 2016 Connect header bidding header tags index exchange programmatic video video Gavin Dunaway

Header tags and bidding have worked wonders for publisher revenue when it comes to display, so no surprise that pubs were eager to put the so-called “hack” to work on the video side.

But news flash: video is a whole different world from display. While header integrations would be incredibly useful in accurately valuing video inventory for both direct and programmatic purposes, working with players and video ad servers has proven challenging.

Still, Index Exchange has managed to find a way in, which VP of Strategy Jourdain-Alexander Casale was willing...

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September 20, 2016 Connect email identity marketing programmatic programmatic email Rob Beeler

“We look at the inbox as probably the most intimate place you can be on the web,” says Kerel Cooper, VP of Platform Development for LiveIntent. “When you’re looking at a piece of content in your inbox, there’s no other place where you’re more engaged.”

He makes a good point – we tend to have a different reaction when viewing content sent to us versus reading it on a webpage or even seeing a link posted on a social network. So why not offer users smartly targeted ads for this very personal experience?

However, this is the tip of the iceberg for LiveIntent’s goals, Cooper explains. I sat down with my old Advance Digital colleague to both get a better understanding of how programmatic advertising in email works and hear how LiveIntent is leveraging the power of the email...

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August 29, 2016 Connect Connect private exchange Private Marketplace programmatic guaranteed programmatic video SSP video Brian LaRue

As with programmatic display, the earliest inroads into programmatic video were set up to give the buyer the right of way in certain key matters. Private exchanges initially left valuable inventory ripe for cherry-picking by buyers, and prone to devalue greatly if passed back. Meanwhile, video content that by rights should have passed the “premium” test remained undiscovered by buyers wary of the unknown mid-to-long tail.

To get the best value programmatically for their video inventory while encouraging buyers to spend heartily through programmatic video channels, publishers need to take control over their goods. Making more video...

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August 23, 2016 3rd party ad server Connect Connect DFP header bidding Private Marketplaces programmatic programmatic guaranteed Gavin Dunaway

Is header bidding a hack?

This question invariably gets asked in every panel or interview revolving around header bidding. “Hack” is a term dripping with bile and contempt – it symbolizes a ragged workaround versus some mythical notion of organic development. 

But such development rarely occurs in the digital advertising space – its sordid history is filled with hacks, whether it was hard-coding display ads or the early days of real-time bidding (i.e., pre-OpenRTB). 

In both of those cases, the hack was merely a bridge across the muck into a greener pasture. So the best answer to that oft-repeated question is, “Yes, but a lot of great developments in...

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