January 28, 2016 ad blocking Connect contextual targeting corbis in-image netseer user experience Brian LaRue

One of the great projects of digital media this decade has been streamlining and simplifying ad placements. We have the technology -- publishers can study where on the page they can get the most engagement, then figure out how to place an ad unit there, to grab the user at just the right time, but without roadblocking the user’s flow of content consumption.

So where does that leave in-image advertising? You open a page, you hover over a photo, and an ad unit appears floating over the image. On the surface, it might seem like an old-school tool, one of those ads that appears on top of the thing you really want to see. And, well, in-image ads have been around for a long time.

But in-image advertising is also worth revisiting, having picked up steam among publishers in the last couple years in particular. In some ways, it’s not necessarily...

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January 12, 2016 Connect GeoEdge html5 malware verification video Gavin Dunaway

Explosive growth in video, a sense that the ad marketplace might have finally “figured out” mobile, the ability to discover previously unseen demand sources — publishers are seeing more channels and methods for monetizing than they ever have. That’s great for revenue, but it also opens up an ever-increasing number of security points publishers need to monitor on their own properties.   

To get a sense of the kinds of security risks tucked into otherwise run-of-the-mill transaction channels, and what publishers and their verification partners can do about it, AdMonsters Senior Editor Gavin Dunaway called up the CEO of security and verification platform GeoEdge, Amnon Siev. According to Siev, certain developments in the marketplace — like the shift toward HTML5...

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January 6, 2016 Connect Connect gannett order management system Workflow Gavin Dunaway

If you think standardizing and centralizing sales workflow across a few properties is Sisyphean effort, spend some time in Gannett’s shoes.

The national and regional media powerhouse is in the middle of a massive sales workflow centralization project and has already integrated a single-entry order system for digital products across 92 properties. (You’re allowed to have a Keanu “Whoa” moment.) At the heart of this mission is OrderHub, an entry system built on top of the Mediaspectrum platform that unites the CRM with the various digital fulfillment systems (DFP, email, social) as well as billing.

Centralizing workflow and order management has had most pleasant side benefits, including digital rate card standardization...

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December 16, 2015 Connect consulting management outsourcing programmatic Rob Beeler

The role of ad ops is complicated and ever-changing, and as expectations and responsibilities morph, it seems there's always something ops teams need to outsource. The tasks they choose to outsource, however, are subject to almost as much change. As 2015 draws to a close, it's a good time to assess where we are, as it pertains to what ops can handle in-house and what they have to pass along to someone on the outside. Craig Leshen, President of OAO, is the sort of person who can speak authoritatively about the year's biggest trends in ops outsourcing, and what ops teams might need to outsource in 2016. AdMonsters Publisher Rob Beeler sat down with him for a conversation that shows, as Leshen says, how important ops has become, and how ops continues to grow in...

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December 15, 2015 Connect latency malware mobile video QA quality assurance video viewability Brian LaRue

As demand among buyers for quality video inventory has risen, so have the channels for transacting on video--programmatic video, video private marketplaces, programmatic TV. At the same time, so have the platforms into which advertisers feel enthusiastic about buying video inventory, with in-demand media bursting into outstream, mobile and other formats. Advertiser demand for video inventory is exploding in all kinds of direction, including outstream and mobile, and publishers are racing to innovate and expand their own offerings.  

But while publishers often approach these new possibilities with their eyes on the prize (advertiser dollars), it’s important to keep an eye on what you’re trailing in your path. Poor user experience has an ill effect, and so does weakened security that can leave the door open for bad actors. It’s essential...

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