July 5, 2016 analytics Connect excel Private Marketplaces programmatic Reporting salesforce Brian LaRue

While it once seemed the domain of the demand side, publishers are increasingly feeling more empowered when it comes to programmatic channels – in their wallets as well as their minds.

Recent evolutions in programmatic have improved publisher relationships with demand partners and succeeded in bumping up CPMs and overall revenue. The adoption of multiple SSPs and implementation of header bidding partners has become increasingly the norm for publishers, which has given them a clearer view of what all their inventory is worth. 

These developments also pull sales and ops teams out of their old silos so they can work more closely together on effective yield management. In particular, header bidding facilitates deeper...

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June 21, 2016 Connect header bidding index exchange Private Marketplaces programmatic programmatic video Gavin Dunaway

Here at AdMonsters, we often think of ourselves as the TMZ of the digital advertising world. No, we don’t stealthily follow around the digital directors of media companies to catch them in compromising positions (and if we did, you couldn’t prove it), but we are on top of every trend like maple syrup on hotcakes. This is mainly thanks to our streetwise (and exchange-wise) sources like Lizzie Komar, Senior Director of Research and Insights at Index Exchange. (Check out the extremely informative Knowledge Exchange Blog.)

In a hush-hush meeting at a non-descript parking garage, Komar gave us the lowdown on the programmatic grapevine: how header implementations are bumping up CPMs, the current state of header and video, the server-to-server dealio, which politicians are...

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June 8, 2016 Connect michael connolly people based marketing programmatic programmatic guaranteed Sonobi Gavin Dunaway

One of the key mantras of digital media has long been “the right ad to the right person at the right time.” Frequently promised, it’s debatable how well that goal has been delivered upon. Data is essential in transacting on programmatic deals, and while the transparency and depth of insights in that data has evolved greatly, the metrics on which those deals are transacted are still lagging somewhere behind. The digital marketplace has evolved to target individual people. The preferred model for programmatic, though, is the CPM model, and that’s been the case for 20 years now.


Sonobi has just released a white paper—the third in a series on what the next iteration of programmatic might look like—called “...

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June 1, 2016 Connect Operations Management operative Private Marketplaces yield management Gavin Dunaway

Yield strategists… Are they actually sorcerers? Because bringing together a slew of seemingly disparate revenue channels while also breaking them into functional units in order to optimize revenue sounds like some kind wizardry beyond the realms of science.

Impossible, you say? No, it’s not magic, Operative CEO Lorne Brown explains in this preview for a June 7 OPS NYC panel examining the yield curve and how time-based transactions fit into its ever-shifting arc. Brown argues that bridling the yield curve requires not just a refined toolset, but also a gathering of strategic minds.

GAVIN DUNAWAY: In the simplest terms, what is the yield curve and why do I want to embrace it?


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