April 6, 2015 analytics Connect Connect device ids mobile quaero Gavin Dunaway

At the beginning of 2015, 90% of U.S. households boasted three or more Internet-connected devices according to Ericsson, with an average of 5.2 devices per house. 

These are households we’re talking about, not specific people with their own devices. However, Cisco predicts that by 2017 the majority of U.S. individuals will have five Internet-connected devices on average. Is it that far-fetched to imagine a nuclear home where parents and children all have their own primary laptops, tablets, smartphones,...

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March 30, 2015 Connect Connect Private Marketplaces programmatic real-time bidding Brian LaRue

The promise of private marketplaces is both alluring and straightforward. For brands, there’s the opportunity to reach engaged audiences of premium publishers with the efficiency of programmatic. For those premium publishers, there’s an opportunity to move inventory via programmatic, but at significantly higher CPMs than they can net in the open exchanges.

PMP proponents are quick to read off their advantages beyond the financial gain: they provide an avenue for buyers to transact with more intimacy and less friction than the open exchanges. In addition, creating a DealID is much easier than setting up a direct-sold campaign, says Jeff Mayer, Senior Analyst of Inventory and Programmatic Advertising at Whitepages, whose company has seen dramatic revenue growth from PMPs specifically.

In addition, a big...

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March 20, 2015 Connect video Gavin Dunaway

It doesn’t take a savant to see that digital video advertising is hotter than an industrial forge. eMarketer estimated that digital video ad spend hit $6 billion in 2014, and spend for 2015 will run somewhere around $7.7 billion. And within that, programmatic video spend will hit $2.8 billion in 2015 (37% of total digital spend) and increase the next year to $3.8 billion (40%). A 2014 industry survey suggested that more than half of digital publishers are making their premium video inventory available for programmatic buying.

Yet, premium digital video is still considered a scarce resource, and it’s arguable that supply is not meeting demand. While many video publishers can sell out of inventory easily through direct sales efforts, any publisher monetizing video must have a programmatic strategy in place considering the serious cash...

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February 19, 2015 Ad Server Connect mediaspectrum Operations Management Gavin Dunaway

Workflow can be the bane of ops' existence. The order’s journey from sales to ops to inventory and other stops can be a perilous one full of treacherous platform crossings and other hazards – it can make Frodo Baggins’ excursion to Mount Doom look like a walk in the park. Teams are stuck entering the same data into multiple systems that simply don’t communicate with each other. And the smallest breakdown can set off a massive inquiry through the complexity – some of the search teams may not return.

Hyperbole aside, ops longs to relieve the aches of workflow through streamlining, though for many this seems like merely a dream. Are digital media professional cursed to tedious labor for eternity? No – but workflow overhaul is an intensive process that requires months of planning and building before you can even dream about...

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February 10, 2015 Connect salary survey Joshua R. Weaver

The 2014 edition of the AdMonsters Salary Survey is here! The survey explores over 30 data points on ad operations roles within publishers,...

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