June 5, 2017 Connect header bidding header wrapper prebid Reporting server to server Brian LaRue

Through header bidding, publishers aren’t just seeing more revenue from their demand partners--they’re also seeing seeing huge amounts of data. The problem is, that data isn’t always clearly understandable, and isn’t always easy to take action on it. At times, it’s not even clear where pubs should look to find data insights they need in order to improve their bottom line.  

Publishers need to access and process data in order to optimize their header bidding strategies. To understand the challenges at hand, and to get a sense of how pubs can find some relief, I called up Shareably Cofounder Peter Kim and Roxot Marketing Director Alex Kharitoshin. Peter’s background gives him a compelling perspective with...

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May 31, 2017 ad fraud Connect malvertising malware mobile redirects phishing security tag scanning Brian LaRue

Earlier in 2017, savvy publishers and platforms started noticing a gnarly new breed of mobile redirects, one that’s particularly evasive to common-practice malware prevention methods. It’s a new page in the standard playbook malvertisers long ago developed to skirt around the watchdogs in the ad ecosystem, one that allows them to easily slide through the gaps in the armor shielding the publisher and, by extension, the user.

Here’s how it plays out: The ad comes through the pipes looking like any ad, but this one is hyper-aware of its environment, actively analyzing every data point it can access at every stage, actively hiding while you let it do its thing. When it’s scanned by an ad security vendor, the ad loads a nondescript domain pretending to belong to one of the name-brand measurement platforms we all know. But then, when that smart...

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May 30, 2017 Connect cross-channel order management revenue management yield management Brian LaRue

The last few years have marked an exciting time for publishers' holistic revenue strategies. Programmatic channels have gained more prominence, and publishers have gone forth in search of the tech that can help them break down the siloes that had previously constricted pockets of their inventory.

Of course, that process is about as complicated as it is exciting. You have to track and manage orders across all channels, analyze and optimize yield--there are a lot of component parts involved in getting complete view of your inventory's performance. Order management as publishers know it quickly grows into something broader--revenue management.


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May 16, 2017 ad blocking ad specs Connect COPPA LEAN malvertising malware T&Cs third-party tag scanning user experience Gavin Dunaway

The prominence of revenue operations as a critical function within the digital media world has had its ups and downs.

While programmatic and other indirect channels have proven ops as a serious revenue center, it’s also forced the department into highly unfamiliar territory such as creative development and user experience. And this more prominent role attracts the interest of other groups across the organization such as legal, IT/security and privacy/risk.

AdMonsters has long noted that ops professionals are the gatekeepers at digital publishers when it comes to advertising—nothing gets on the page without their (sometimes forced) approval. However, the the digital advertising industry is at a unique intersection: publishers’ revenue teams are...

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April 18, 2017 Connect invalid traffic malware PMPs Private Marketplaces sovrn tag transparency Gavin Dunaway

For years, we’ve joked that brands don’t care how the digital advertising sausage is made. Their modus operandi seemed along the lines of: Let the agencies and publishers deal with the frustrating minutiae involved in making digital media transactions work.

Funny how quickly things change. As increased spend hits digital channels and the people holding the purse strings don’t feel they’re getting their money’s worth, brands have upped their interest in the mysterious workings of digital advertising. 

Yes, they seek the grail! I mean... transparency!

The biggest sign of movement is the now infamous, gauntlet-laying IAB Annual...

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