Andrew Sullivan


United States
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Andrew Sullivan
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Andrew Sullivan
Job Title: 
Product Manager

Andrew is the mastermind of Operative’s unique, multi-dimensional inventory management solution, as well as the company’s Ad Master Model and Campaign 360, solutions that enable publishers to better manage and optimize their product offerings and solutions set. In his role as Product Manager, Andrew manages and oversees development for the software; acts as a liaison between sales, account management and development; and is continually designing solutions to meet ongoing publisher challenges.
Andrew began his career at Operative as a Campaign Manager, trafficking, managing and optimizing campaigns for both publisher and agency clients.  Within a year of joining the company, he was leading the systems integration team, working with some of Operative’s largest clients on software implementations. Andrew also served as Senior Manager for Strategic Development, where he focused on new product innovation.
Prior to joining Operative, Andrew worked as an Art Director at Agora Studios. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media, Arts and Communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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