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AdMonsters May 23, 2024   Publisher POV: Three Ways Marketing Agencies Can Capitalize on the Cookie Deprecation Delay After continued challenges following the phase-out of third-party cookies for one percent of Chrome users in January, Google has once again delayed cookie deprecation plans. With the timeline pushed to early 2025,…

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Retail Media Networks Are Poised to Dominate the Cookieless Landscape

Retail media networks were already becoming a powerful force, but Google finally following through on its cookie depreciation plan has made them even more desirable for advertisers. The ongoing cookie depreciation has broken a key connecting force in digital advertising. Many publishers and advertisers do not have enough first-party data…

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Surviving the SEO Shake-Up: Publishers vs. Google’s New Game

Scott Messer, Principal and Founder of Messer Media, explores the latest challenges facing publishers in the ever-evolving SEO game. As Google's search algorithms shift, many publishers are grappling with decreased traffic and increased competition. Delving into the core issues, including the "Tsunami of Crap" and "Enshittification" of content, Google's prioritization…

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GumGum Lowers Bidsteam Carbon Emissions by 38%

GumGum, a contextual advertising company, announced some good news for the planet. Thanks to its traffic-shaping partnership with Assertive Yield, the company has lowered its bidstream carbon emissions by 38% — avoiding an average of seven tons of CO2 emissions daily. We spoke with Kara Petrocelli explains how traffic shaping…

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