Operationally Speaking FAQ

What is Operationally Speaking?

Operationally Speaking is a forum focused the online ad operations community. Discussion and finding answers are the goal – it doesn’t have to be correct so much as open and honest. It is intended as an industry resource and the content should be handled in a professional manner. The tone of posts can be fun but it should be done in a respectful way as if it were in person at one of our events or in a place of business. Please review the Terms and Conditions.

How do I create/reply to a post?

You can use your admonsters.com login to post and reply – no need for a separate login. If you are not a registered user – why not sign up? It’s free and you’ll have access not only to the forum, but also to comment on articles and register for events.

When posting be sure to phrase your post in the form of a question. See an example.


Are posts viewable by everyone or are they for members only?

Please keep in mind that (for now) forum posts are viewable by everyone including people who have not logged in. You should only post or comment if you feel comfortable sharing your comments with the general public.


Do I need a login just to view the posts?

You don’t need to login to view most of the posts and comments. You will have to login to post, reply and access certain posts.

Why do you recommend that I phrase my posts in the form of a question?

The site is intended to be a place where answers are found. Phrasing as a question allows people not only to reply and discuss the topic in an actionable manner but also to see if their question has already been posted and discussed. See an example.

If you have information to share please feel free to post a question and then answer it yourself. This way the information is easily found by people who may have the same question.

What are your posting guidelines?

The focus of this forum is on Online Ad Operations and Technology. General advertising and marketing topics are best discussed elsewhere. We understand that many people join the group to promote their businesses and/or services. Our review process is to look at posts that add to the discussion or poise a question of interest to Ad Operations Professionals. Posts that don’t meet our criteria will be deleted.

Please no posts just for self-promotion and marketing. Posts that discuss a company or use of a product should be kept within the context of a legitmate topic.

No posts with no abusive or inappropriate language. Being passionate about a topic is encouraged; name-calling is not. Please be respectful of the opinions of other group members.

Posts that have been removed can not be restored.

Please review to our Terms and Conditions for this and all other AdMonsters.com services.

Can I post jobs up in the forums?

No. Jobs should be posted on our job board. Job listings will be removed from the forums.

I have a question that’s not covered by the FAQ.

Please contact us with any questions or to report a post that should be reviewed by the moderators.