Who Chases Creative at Your Pub

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Published by: Melissa S Chapman , Crain Communications Inc
Published on: March 31, 2014

Hi Monsters -

Who does the creative chasing at your org? Do you think that is the most effective? Would you please indicate if you are digital and print or digital alone.

Thanks all!


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Hi monsters -

We run a lot of newsletters and are handling them a couple of different ways. I am trying to find out what the industry norm is.

For your newsletters, do you -
1. setup your newletter ads so that they are schedules for specific flight dates (like a web ad) and if a newsletter is opened weeks later, when there is a new advertiser scheduled, the new advertiser would show?
2. setup your newsletter ads so that the advertiser who purchased that particular newsletter drop, is always the advertiser that shows in that particular newsletter drop, regardless of when it was opened?

Much appreciated folks!

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